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  1. hello people i changed my name to libbdog

  2. You must be legally blind if you didn't see the stickied 100% checklist thread at the top of the page. i am blind

  3. i am so mad about this game

  4. im a awesome dude

  5. yo dude hows it hanging

  6. is there a 100% checklist
  7. i jumped off a building and landed on top of my horse
  8. do you want to be my freind

  9. i got it on a road in the desert
  10. i got the leisureliner i will tell you how to get it if you tell me how to get the tanks
  11. good but i beat that mission please reply and i will tell you where to get the Vanderbildt LeisureLiner
  12. oh yeah tell me where to get the mv commad and i will tell you
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