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  1. if it isn't full of glitches... is it even a bethesda game
  2. ****** this just happened to me!
  3. im having the same issues
  4. i love CDkeys, i never buy from microsoft.
  5. thats kind of where i am with it, for some reason i'm now a rabbit. every time you die you become smaller and it becomes more annoying.
  6. because i checked your tag but i have the disc version and got it after GFWL was shut down. and the achievements were no longer obtainable. now i'm confused.
  7. i also use x12's with adapter, no buzzing. but i know if my friends are charging their plug n play kits it buzzes in the party. i only use rechargeable batteries.
  8. i do love the design, would be nice if they did different ones. like nuka cola etc.
  9. when this game hits backwards compatibility you can guarantee the player base will go right back up. i want to go back to this game, good memories, but i'm missing most of the online ones.
  10. with the x12's if you use the adapter you don't need to plug in your green audio cable just the usb to power the amp and the wire into the adapter. this will give you both audio and chat. i don't understand how it's going to work without the adapter to separate everything and control volume. if you already have a chat adapter don't bother changing controller. when the elite one looks a lot better.
  11. there is a i am stuck button in one of the menus i forget which typical mmo though. and OP did you register on the website? and sometimes updates take ages if you have slow connection. you cant complain about that, either you need to upgrade your internet or your house doesnt allow fast speeds. luck of the draw.
  12. tried that didnt work sadly. after the update i tried again and it worked. ah finally can continue playing
  13. when is it ever working, ive earned 11k since the last time it updated on here. it's useless anyway so meh.
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