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  1. You know if they made the campaign for this game, say... twice as long or maybe even more, the 300 chapter playback achievement would be more understandable. And so would all those other grinding achievements like "Me Against the World", "Two is Better than One", "Instrument of Destruction" and "Endangered Species". It would also not get boring as quickly. Plus they also need MORE AKRID!! There is never enough Akrid in this game's campaign... And more Cat-G's too! I didn't like Red Eye at all. I was playing that chapter on Hard, finally got to the part where you needed to blast him in the mouth one more time, didn't know he appeared behind the train so I turned around and was like "Oh shit!" I tried to use the rotation control posts to get the railway gun in position but I failed the mission because Red Eye chomped it JUST AS I got into the railway gun to fire... I am never playing that chapter again on Hard until I finish the others. Killing Gordiant, Baiztencale or Vital Fortress on Hard is pretty fun though. Plus I'm playing with the AI, so I guess that would be a major downer on my Hard playthrough as well... However every time I go to kill Gordiant it takes me well over half an hour to kill him, whether in the Drio or the Drion. I find myself scraping for ammo ALL the time because of Gordiant's truly MASSIVE health bar... So I need to use the Drion at the start but it's weapons are SO weak. :/ His health bar is nothing compared to Red Eye's though. Once I get to around half health on Red Eye I'm like "Why won't you just DIE!?!".
  2. Holy... do you know how long that would take?? If he wants to do something like that and is dedicated enough to see it through completely then he could.
  3. Lol!! How about following a guy who is tac-knifing around the whole of the map until he finally turns around and you knife him!!
  4. It really depends on what gametype you are playing. SitRep is better for Team Deathmatch or Demolition because people use Claymores and other stuff way more often in those gametypes than in a gametype like Search and Destroy. In Search and Destroy you'll need Ninja because most people have heartbeat sensors on at least one class. Plus there are those annoying hardcore gaming fools that buy the turtle beach headphones so they can hear your footsteps way louder...
  5. Oh wow I completely forgot to state how good this guide is... But yeah, excellent job man, I can tell you put a lot of time and effort into it. Especially the vids.
  6. Another thing that really bothers me is how the Torque Bow is utterly useless in multiplayer unless you're the host... The lag on that weapon is so bad. It is my favourite to use in Horde though!! Taking the heads offa Boomers never gets old!
  7. These views are all based on opinion... Nobody is necessarily wrong or right here.
  8. It's either the Assault Rifle or the Energy Gun/Gun Sword. Energy Gun is meant for knocking people out of VS or for people who can't aim. The Gun Sword is weaker than the Assault Rifle but if you melee with it you can easily kill anyone in a couple chops with the blade on it. Hence its name.
  9. Superstar's point boost effect works offline, but its negative effect does not for some reason. Proof: I played Episode 1, Chapter 3 with Superstar on easy and got 12000 career points each time, but without Superstar (I used Quick Return and Head Start Disc) I only got 5500.
  10. That's strange because I don't have prologue B completed but I have Rookie and Soldier achievements. I am working on Super Soldier now as well. I'm assuming that I will unlock Super Soldier as well.
  11. Actually you only need to do either Prologue A or Prologue B. You DON'T have to do both. But other than that, yes.
  12. Guide is COMPLETELY finished after much searching and patience.
  13. Yeah dude, that's why this is called the Bitching Thread as someone already mentioned above, you're SUPPOSED to be angry.
  14. Because the Buster Grenade only has Maniac and Master. No Novice nom for it.
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