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  1. yep, trying to boost some multiplayer chevos, GT: XeroXray
  2. Tyger you didn't miss any jumps. You just made a mistake: there are two "jump 10/18". Correct this and this is definitely a perfect guide. Cheers!
  3. From what I've seen, the pc version will be a Games for Windows - LIVE title. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/news/news-5218-Fable-III-Getting-the-GFWL---Limited-Edition-Treatment.html
  4. It's a GFW game but not a LIVE game. It does has steam achievements, click here to check them out.
  5. I think this achievement below need to be done in short weekend race, which has only 1 practice & qualifying session. I can't got it in long weekend race, even when I finished first in all sessions. Full house 10G In single player set the fastest time in practice, take pole position and win the race Set the fastest practice and qualifying times and win the race. Just use easy difficulty.
  6. I think this achievement is unobtainable in pc version, since you can't sign in two profiles on one pc and this achievement only goes to Lynch.
  7. I wonder if cars will be totaled in online ranked matches.
  8. Seems like a glitched achievement... Although I got this achievement about half way through the flatout mode.
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