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  1. So I read in other forums that after you beat the story mode you unlock Female Human, Birdman, Catman, Rock Person, Demon skins. I have only been able to use them to create AI characters, but is there a way to unlock them for another playthrough?
  2. Just picked this up again and I have been trying to get avatar items for my friends that have just started playing so they don't look the same. I start the game, pick a map, and then change it to 10R. We just walk around without doing anything trying to get the ninja mask for everyone. Match ends and we all take 1st, but no avatar items. Try it again where one of us uses Mana to be the only winner, no avatar items. Now when I started their profiles, I suspended the first match for both of them before anything happened just so we could get to playing versus that much faster. I thought this might have something to do with it so I went through and finished up the match, got the story line avatar item and then saved them each and tried for the ninja mask again. Still no dice. Anyone have any ideas as to what might be going wrong?
  3. Refuge 0G Discard a card for 80G, Add Refuge back to hand. In your opening hand, you pretty much win.
  4. If you grabbed any of the DLC chapters, you can play them and just grab as many treasure chests as you can and then die. On hard, you can usually find God's Garb, Paludamentum, Three 7's, and other stuff that is good until you can start farming chapter 5+ boss chests for good armor/weapons
  5. Sadly Luck has been one of the biggest things every argued about for this game, and some people really do seem to get the shaft, while others have gotten 4 pairs of Sonic Boots in a row. I went 90+ runs without getting a Claimh Solace +1, but I got a second one on the next trip trying to get my other Valmenway +1. Certain items do only drop on certain difficulties and for certain people. There is a great help thread that REALLY needs to get stickied in the forums here.
  6. Berserker Mail is the main part of the equation for massive Valmanway damage. You can get those in chapter 5 hard i believe if you are not going past chapter 7. It pretty much doubles the damage you do and take (making a lot of hits you take lethal). The other part is Miser Rings from Chapter 7 Hard boss chest. Every million gold you have adds +1 to ATK up to a total of +10 ATK, making two Miser Rings +20 ATK. If you have Yoko, she is the easiest person to get them with since her Item Drop Pool is the smallest for that level.
  7. Fish Heads from Chapter 8 are also good blunt damage, and if you can get a Claimh Solace from Chapter 6 and get good at using it with the special, she will die just as fast. Nova Skeleton souls also work pretty good against her.
  8. ^ likes this...oh wait, this isn't facebook. srsly though, I'm down to help with Slam, but don't be butthurt if I don't add you after we play forever. lulz srsly srsly though, wut he said
  9. Anyone who can get rare gear drops from R. The Count can glitch in the elevator shaft. Either Charolette or Maria can't do it, but there is nothing for them that drops from him anyways.
  10. Highly doubt that will happen, sadly there have not been any updates since Fuma and his chapter.
  11. For Draculas final form, just use Fish Head either underneath him or floating above to the right or left. They hit 2-3 times for around 80-100. If you save all your MP during the second form you should be able to kill him if you have 100+ MP. Fish Head is the most BROKEN soul ever. If the Claimh didn't have its special move, I would probably just use Fish Head for ALL of Chapter 10...no joke @ Enki: I prefer to do Holy Flames because of the MP usage. It hits 3-4 times for 8 MP, and if you jumpcast and then cast it right when she lands it is around 6-7 hits for only 1 more MP. I haven't been able to get a succesful BDC cast added onto that combo like how i attack with Shanoa and Lapiste though.
  12. He is actually quite simple to fight, if you are soul farming you should just be fighting him on normal anyways. You just need to use your valmanway to hit the dummy really fast. Since you will be using Soma, just use Glaysa Labolas against the doll and it should break. Also, max level fish heads are Soma's best weapon against everything ever. Just slap on two Soul Eater rings if you have them and kill the 7 Fish Heads in Chapter 8. Once they are dead you can auto-fail the level at anytime by holding LB+RB+X+Y+B+A for a couple seconds (solo mode only). Also, you can do the glitch with only 1 puppet master soul, but all of the souls from chapters 1-6 increase the damage done by his souls so you will want to get them all anyways. While wearing full luck gear to farm souls you should have around 31 luck with: -Uraeus/Royal Crown (Head piece from chapter 7) -Three 7's (Chest piece from hard green chests) -Ebisu Raiment (Chapter 11 normal boss chest) -Soul Eater Ring x2 (200k at shop each, add the most percentage to souls being dropped) -Dead Warrior Soul x 9 (Chapter 5/9, in chapter 9 if you have gergoth maxed you can just start the stage, use Gergoth twice while holding down and you can kill both dead warriors, man-eating plant, and all the wargs then just autofail. Should take about 10 minutes tops to get max of them all) If you don't have soul eater rings, you can use thief rings to get to 51 luck and those drop from chapter 11 normal also. Each one adds 10 luck, and 10 luck = 1% more for an item to drop. I am able to confirm it, she has one of the shallowest drop pools for the boss chest. Got both mine and a couple robe decolletes in under 70 runs. Holy flame actually works a little better than Holy Lightning against her too.
  13. just remember though that only certain characters can get certain items from boss chests. Yoko is good on chapter 7 though to get Miser Rings, and after you get two of those and have 10 million gold, everything comes tumbling down after that. And the chapter 10 glitch is [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZxBF8TJUlY]YouTube - Castlevania Harmony of Despair: Chapter 10 Shortcut[/ame] easiest way to do it is wait until your platform is on the very top left and then throw your puppet to the right. Just as you throw your puppet you are going to do a jump kick off the platform straight down. If you do it diagonally you won't grab onto the wall after the switch. After the switch has happened you will get sucked up riding the wall on the right, you have to time it correctly to do a double jump right when you get to the ledge with the gate that is closed. That will shoot you into the spikes, and if you are playing with a group you go open the switch for them. This exploit can be done with other characters, but is rather tricky since they don't have puppet master to use and must land on a platform hard enough to make them crouch and then use the momentum to slide off the side. I've done it accidently this way a couple times. Richter is the easiest to do that with since his spin kick can be used to fall through a platform or something. He does it at the 2:20 mark [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_iQ4ROhe-0]YouTube - Richter Chapter 10 Skip[/ame] I have also had it happen where I was revived in the little hallway leading to the elevators and was instantly sucked up the left wall. I have never been able to recreate this or the time one of our friends lagged out and it killed every enemy on stage 8 except the boss (we were all soma and got over 9000 souls...it was pretty sick).
  14. Chapter 7 - Kaiser Knuckle/Longinus/Claimh Solace/Fish Head/Nova Skeleton (Soma), Kaiser Knuckle/Fist of Tulkas (Alucard), Cross/Holy Water/Bible (whip Users), Lapiste/Globus/Nitesco (Shanoa), Piercing Beam/Energy Flow (Charolette), War Drum (Fuma), Hymn (Maria) Chapter 8 - Valmanway [succubus+Astral Ring+Medusa]/Fish Head (Soma), Valmanway (Alucard), Bible/Uppercut (Whip users), Globus/Illuminatio (Shanoa), Piercing Beam/Energy Flow (Charolette), War Drum (Fuma), Firebirds (Maria) Chapter 9 - Valmanway [succubus+Astral Ring+Medusa]/Fish Head (Soma), Valmanway (Alucard), Bible/Cross/Axe (Whip Users), Globus/Pnuema [just hang from the magnet and spam it by alternating between RB, X, Y. If you stay zoomed out a little, you will know when to dodge the flies and never have to leave the magnet], Piercing Beam [Notice a pattern?]/R.Fireball (Charolette), Anything (Fuma), Dragons/Hymn [if you are careful] (Maria) Chapter 10 - Claimh Solace/Muramasa/Fish Head (Soma), Alucard Sword/Badelaire/Muramasa (Alucard), Cross/R. Boomerang (Whip Users), Fire Cerberus Head/Nitesco/Globus [if you are by yourself, groups might kick you if you do that in the room too much] (Shanoa), Piercing Beam/Energy Flow (Charolette), War Drum (Fuma), Dragon/Hymn [2nd Form] (Maria) Chapter 11 - Valmanway/Fish Head (Soma), Valmanway/Yatsu (Alucard), Anything (Whip Users), Globus/Nitesco/Fulgar/Lapiste/Cerberus heads (Shanoa), Energy Flow/R.Fireball/Piercing Beam (Charollete), Anything (Fuma), Anything (Maria) Every Chapter - Holy Lightning (Yoko) [Not kidding in even the slightest, she is the first character I used to beat the game, and all i did was press B the whole time] The best thing to use against bosses is their patterns. Ashtarte - Pay attention to her wand to know if she is going to shoot a tornado or jump backwards. If you are a male character, when she does seduction you can either learn to jump over her hearts or try to duck under them (4 floor blocks away/easy, 7 blocks away/hard) Legion - there is no reason to pull the switch in the room. ever. You can just stay ahead of the fire as he rotates and be ready to change directions after a bit. Only the tips of the tentacles can hurt you so with smaller character it is easier to just jump through them. Bigger characters can do it too, but you don't want to touch the middle with their head. Once their is an accessible opening to the middle, Soma can float right there and just valmanway/kaiser knuckle until he dies. Beelzebub - His flies have three patterns to learn, just keep you screen zoomed out to 2x. First they circle around him four times and then shoot out. You should be able to kill them all while they are spinning. Second they will come in bursts from the top to bottom or bottom to top. You can double jump over the bottom and middle ones [shanoa can just wiggle on the magnet up or down]. The third can be the trickiest, the flies will zoom in from the bottom or the top and make a pass around the room and then exit out the middle. For non-shanoa characters, the ledge on the bottom right is the easiest place to TRY and dodge them with ducking or jumping. R. The Count - (1st Form) Always be in front of him and about 2 character lengths away, always. If he appears behind you or facing the other way, get in front of him. Wait until he opens his cape and then do a small hop. That will get you over the first set of fireballs and the others will go behind him and over him. Get in a couple hits before he disappears. When he appears again you can usually get a jump shot in before having to jump his fireballs, this might take some practice to get used to so don't try it unless you feel comfortable jumping his attack already. Do this until his head pops off (teabagging his head is optional). (2nd Form) Copy his movements. If he jumps at you, jump attack at him. Never leave yourself on the ground incase he follows up with his charge move. If you jump over his charge you get about 3-4 solid seconds to whoop on his back before he turns around to jump/charge at you again. For his fireball wheels, just back up enough to give yourself room to jump/duck in between the gaps. The more players there are, the more rotations he will do. Some players will use Final Guard/Mist for this, but once you get used to dodging them you will have more MP available to throw Fish Heads and use weapon specials to finish the fight quicker. Ryokutski - (3rd form) Have someone stand by his knees to get him to lower his arm. Blast the crap out of his heart and repeat. Fish heads can hit up to 3 times for almost 100 each, Floating with a Val can also take him down after a couple arm swings. When his projectiles are not blinking they can be destroyed, and when he summons Chymiriad/Decapiclops he will also lower his arm. It is easier to get in there when he summons Decap, and i just stay back and destroy the projectiles from Chymiriad. Hope some of this helps
  15. Anything they could do to improve this game would be better spent just making a fresh revamp. Obviously a new game with some characters that were left out, maybe more variation on some of the later characters that got brought in. They could even give each character their own set of story stages. In multiplayer the host would determine which stages would be played through by their character choice. Perhaps they could even justify having the 30 minute time limit by giving you the ability to just go from chapter to chapter, giving loot/skill exp modifiers for groups that started in the first chapter and played straight to the end as opposed to just doing 100 runs of a single chapter. those are just a few ideas though, and i'm sure they have already been kicked around by their development team.
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