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  1. Looking to boost Pimp Killer, Chain Gang, and Xzibitionist. I already have Kingpin and would be more than willing to help you boost your rank. GT: zeldafanjtl
  2. Not sure if anyone knows, but I thought it was worth asking. I know you're allowed to install Halo 2 Vista on 4 computers or so, so maybe it would be possible to pop some achievements by networking 4 computers together and doing a multiplayer match that way.
  3. I had the same problem when I bought the game about a year ago. I came across a YouTube video that some guy had put up on how to pirate the game and applied his techniques to my legit copy. It basically involved installing a registry file that made the game accept any product key.
  4. I'm interested in boosting all the multiplayer achievements. I should have Legend pretty soon, so that should help. GT: zeldafanjtl
  5. What about the Xbox One version? I ask because I got both digital versions free through GwG.
  6. I realize Rock Band 4 just came out today, so I might be jumping the gun. Rock Band 4 includes a USB dongle to make it possible to use Xbox 360 instrument controllers on Xbox One. Does anyone know if you can use the dongle with other games? Seems like an easier way to get this game's Back in the Day achievement than buying more Xbox One controllers.
  7. I remember a year or two ago hearing that all the Bond games were suddenly delisted from online marketplaces, but I never grabbed the Skyfall DLC. Is there any way to get it now? If not, I guess no big deal. I've heard it's bad and there aren't any achievements.
  8. Bloodstone doesn't have bots either. It's entirely online multiplayer.
  9. Though all is not lost; I've since learned that the Platinum Hits version of this game includes the DLC.
  10. If you don't see a Season Pass listed on the Marketplace, then there isn't one. When I bought this game on sale, it wasn't as a bundle; all the individual episodes were just discounted.
  11. See here: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Mafia-II/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802545407e6 No idea why. The same thing happened to Bioshock 2, but I've heard that there was an announcement that that game would come back. Not sure about Mafia II.
  12. Learn to Fly is the flight school. It's required to continue the story.
  13. I'm interested in boosting all the multiplayer achievements. GT: zeldafanjtl
  14. I don't know why, but the game considers product keys from new, sealed copies to be invalid. I've tried three different copies from Amazon, and none of them work. I've seen threads about it on various Microsoft help sites, and the official response is always to call a phone number for Games for Windows support. Unfortunately, that number now redirects to support for Windows and Microsoft Office. I tried calling myself and was told that support has ended for Halo 2 Vista and there's nothing they can do for me.
  15. I haven't seen any news or heard any whispers as to whether the servers are still up. Are they? And if so, is there any word on how much longer they will be?
  16. I'm looking to do co-op and possibly boost the competitive multiplayer. I also have a few online achievements left in the first game. GT: zeldafanjtl
  17. I'm looking to get Xzibitionist, Pimp Killer, and Chain Gang. I already have Kingpin and the co-op missions done, but I'm more than willing to help you with yours. I also need a co-op partner for Saints Row 2. GT: zeldafanjtl
  18. They're all obtainable. None of the achievements required the gang servers (though from what I've heard, those servers made them easier).
  19. You have to be playing on Expert to get to a million fans.
  20. I need to boost You Ate All the Chips and Totally Worth It. Message me. GT: zeldafanjtl
  21. I need Xzibitionist, Pimp Killer, and Chain Gang. If you help me, I'll help you with whatever you need. GT: zeldafanjtl
  22. Wow...I think this guy's a troll. He's too in line with the antisocial basement dweller stereotype.
  23. It's faster than turret boosting, and in my opinion less mind numbing than that method.
  24. I commend this man for being an upstanding gentleman and owning up to his asshat-ish-ness.
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