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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtW-W-XDMO8]BattleBlock Theater - All Secret Area's (Solo) - YouTube[/ame] Hows that?
  2. Sorry, did some bad math ^^;; my bad.
  3. You forget secret areas, which contain roughly the same breakdown and give you 2 more for A++.
  4. I wouldn't. Most (90%+) of your deaths will come from trying to rush the puzzles, over any sort of difficulty. You might accidentally die from doing a puzzle incorrectly, but you won't make the error twice.
  5. You have to do that section 5 times... it really doesn't matter much if you miss it.
  6. I made a video of every trophy besides "Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies" (didn't have it unlock yet, so never made a video of it... will be up soon), which you can use for your guide if you want. Also you might want to note that doing the color wheel will disable the fortune teller, since I didn't know this and have to do another cycle because of it.
  7. I like this comment, since the logic can be applied to virtually anything. How about I post my 100% save on a hacking site and let them hack every single trophy in the game. In the end, Borderlands 2 isn't really a game about skill, but time... same thing, no?
  8. I love topics like this, just because the boss can be over powered, suddenly he's completely worthless. Perhaps you should send a message to Gearbox and have them patch it so he has 90,000,000,000 more HP and uses his wormhole every 1 minute for 30 seconds. Everyone wants different things, I personally killed Terra without the Bee or extremely good equipment. While I didn't upload my original run, I uploaded my 2nd run, which lasted 15 minutes and had me dying several times. I had more fun doing it that way and always suggest people do it that way. However not everyone is looking for an insanely intense task that drives them insane. Look at Vanquish, plenty of people claim Tactical Challenge 6 is impossible, but it can be done. This is no different, my only advice is not to dupe equipment for people. If no one dupes insane equipment for lazy *@$!'s, they have to do the fight the hard way or farm. Either or you make sure people work for their victory like you want. @ Hoborg Hunter Huntsquest or whatever drops it. Hes the boss from "This Just In".
  9. This is what I can confirm. The spot doesn't need to be named to be required. Some places aren't required at all. (got it before I got to the Hyperion dome place) All maps must be 100% filled in. Thus my suggestion is to load area's and look for anything that isn't completely filled in.
  10. There is a small nothing mark on the map where you go to the roof and destroy buzzards (forget it's name sorry). Anyway, after the mission Brick tells you to jump off like a bad ass and there is a SMALL zone with some weapon chests that you can only get to like this. I would say it's the hardest to find spot in the game.
  11. It drops from the "This Just In" boss, but it's a huge double edge sword. If you take any damage, then you lose the ability... thus it's only really good against bosses.
  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xFUN2-eXnE]Borderlands 2 - Goliath, Meet David Trophy / Achievement Guide - YouTube[/ame]
  13. It's a domino effect... the guidebook says to go to that spot, so someone goes there and finds him at some point. After someone asks, person A says he found him there. People who know how to search see the post and try it out for their self. After X period they find him, which leads to several people claiming that he spawns there. Realistically, you have the same odds of finding him at any of those places (perhaps all of Pandora), so pick a place and farm. Also, heres proof of me killing him at Heroes Pass [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyZaPWbXFkM]Borderlands 2 - Die Jimmy Jenkins DIE!!! - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Get a varkid to Vermivorous on TVH and kill him without using a shield and without needing a second wind.
  15. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyZaPWbXFkM]Borderlands 2 - Die Jimmy Jenkins DIE!!! - YouTube[/ame] me on the way to the warrior.
  16. Doesn't honestly need one. I did upload a number of videos to help with some things though.
  17. Towards the end, there will be falling platforms. The last one has an arrow and you ride it down to find it. (you need to jump off before it hits the bottom though)
  18. Quite the opposite, there is a achievement for beating the game like that. NOTE it doesn't add more power.
  19. Cause that video wasn't helpful? Hell the video description was... "This is the other hidden one on the PS3 and should also be the Xbox hidden one. To do it, you need to punch that bag till you hear the chime and then STOP! If you hit it again, you got to restart (tried prior). Also sorry for the bad run, I was trying to eat my dinner while playing and never tried it before." I also did knew the bag required 87 punches, but figured it was easier to just say punch till it chimes.
  20. Already posted this http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=386922
  21. I was skimming and misread it in my haste. I figured it was a question since it really doesn't need an explanation, nor do you add anything useful towards obtaining it.
  22. I believe they only work for that one level.
  23. @ xRizerx I like how your posts works with my videos, but mine don't ><
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