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  1. It doesn't apply to retail copies, as I just received mine, and it has GFWL still on it. Make sure you go to offline mode on Steam though, so it doesn't patch out GFWL.
  2. Hey dude, try removing the whole list and then readding the game. There might be a glitch in the system, but that should iron out all the creases. Cheers =)

  3. I saw your comment of your borderlands achievements not getting checked off. Solution: Delete the Borderlands checklist and re-enable them. It worked when I had that issue.

  4. My Borderlands achievements won't track properly, specifically my secret achievements for Claptrap's Robot Revolution.

  5. having trouble with my bioshock 2 list, the achievements check and uncheck themselves every time!

  6. I need the killtacular and Rainman achievements. Message me if u are willing to help me get my last 2 achievements for Halo 2.
  7. I need most of the multi achievements, and i need at least 4 players. Message me if u can help, my GT is Ax7 BEAST
  8. I need a team for the versus achievements, message me, my GT is Ax7 BEAST
  9. Can someone help me with the glitch, I don't have a second controller. My GT is Ax7 BEAST, message me.
  10. I have an irrational hatred of Brutes, and I didn't even play on Legendary
  11. I was thinking about the unconventional warfare chievo, and i thought of something. Do u have to do it in one mission, or can you go back and do it again?
  12. I need the noble chievos, need 3 more. Message me if you can help. GT Ax7 BEAST
  13. I need people for a ton of chievos, like violent cartographer, rain man, and for some reason, stick it. Message me, my GT is Ax7 BEAST, am on every day.
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