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  1. I think 1000 score making is very insane thingz....... 1000 maked man is monster!!! but addictive game like POKER may be I`ll stop at 815 score .. rest 185 score is GOD`S range!!
  2. now I obtained 690 in this game..I get (1st & 2nd born, queen of dead) -A+ this game takes so long time.,. get the "battler sword" ...then real game will start.. very hard game.... I don`t know why the last death add stage attack color can`t be seen in expert difficulty
  3. hi everyboby ^^

  4. wave 9 - run & run always big guyz come by yellow attack,.,then evade attack..and run & run.... at the start of wave 10 1st spell use(BBB) -> in my case...BIG MONSTER 2 disappear.... and 1 remains then,,,kill the small man ,automatically big monster disappeared... now my golden axe score is 630...
  5. I use battler sword in expert difficult my score is queen of dead- C (in expert) first born- B (in brutal) second born- B (in brutal) add death - A (in expert) respawning enemy many killing method? I saved my play time and no hit and ate the loot box.... but not A+ HELP ME PLZ...
  6. :mad:I use 30% sword ... over and over I died in 9-10 stage... stage 9 is very hard to me without spell any tip please.... now my golden axe score is 530... I obtained battler`s sword today battler achievement is annoying and very hard because of one hit die... (Except queen of dead expert,first born,second born,add death) very very hard.,...crazying game......
  7. I found the way by mayself... without draGON STATUE ,,,several fast bitches...very hard...
  8. this game tgm grand master... achievement I know offline-normal50,highspeed1,2(50,50),big (50) online-promotional test(9grade-to TMgrade),xx road(big road,sticky road,,,,,etc) my question is .... where is target,erase,another1,2 achievement?
  9. several speedy witches make me so hard in playing I died ...died... If I play challenge mode ...if I get the dragon(revival item) IS the item available in story mode? very hard to me ... help me...
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