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  1. Looking to boost most multiplayer achievements. I am mostly online during evenings, and in the weekend. GT: Micz 000
  2. Looking to boost Changing lanes, last achie I need! GT: Micz 000 Edit: Completed
  3. This... seriously hate the fist fights.....
  4. I had this happen to me a couple of times so far aswell. It didn't show on the left side of the screen that I got a card for winning the match. However, if I went to the menu and hovered over the inventory tab it did show a card there, along with the money. (it shows the last 3 items you recieved on the bottom of the screen)
  5. I lost my first game against him aswell since I had no clue how the game worked yet. After that I challenged him again, won the game, and got a card as a reward. So I don't think you have to win the first game, just win once and you get it.
  6. Add me if you need friends playing this game. I just started and i'm intending to go for awesome level 11 so I will be doing a lot of challenges. Gamertag: Micz 000
  7. Thanks for the info. I need some friends who have played this game so I can start finding the canopic jars so i will add you. Feel free to add me aswell since I've died enough times GT: Micz 000
  8. You can get the achievement with this glitch with only $105,000 i believe. Buy a 'Karin Kuruma' from the heist update for $95k and drive it to LSC. Add the following wheels for $10k : sport > stock > Wangan master. Add the sad trombone horn for $0 and sell the vehicle for $105.692 Nothing lost, nothing gained but you did add 105k for the achievement (maybe even more if the zero charge horn counts 26k towards the 8million.) This is what I'm doing at the moment, hope it helps This doesn't gain you any money, but does get you the achievement with little initial money. EDIT: it is patched, doesn' t work anymore
  9. Awesome, thanks for the heads-up. Been waiting for this to go on sale, and at $8,25 its a steal!
  10. Tip for everyone doing the new frontier defence gamemode. Use a Double Agent burn card, grunts spectres auto-titans and turrets will ignore you. That means not a single enemy will attack you! Really helpfull!
  11. Would be nice to be able to check your reputation for a faction without having to go all the way to the tower where the vendor is. Pressing Y on your cloak/bond could show the reputation thing, that way it's easy to check in between strikes or crucible matches.
  12. So far I haven't see any weapons yet. Me and my friends received either chests or helmets for our missions. I did notice that the stats on the set pieces vary, I got 2 hunter helmets which had different stats and bonusses. As long as you have the item you get for the bounty in your inventory, you will get a legendary reward when you complete the mission, so max 6 a day.
  13. I've been playing Lava Lake: Thinning the Herd for experience. It's easy and short and gives you around 15.000 xp every time you complete it. Also you get some dragon food xp items for completing it. For gold im playing Lost Colony: The Odd Job, it gives over 40.000 gold every time
  14. Was thinking about warlock untill I watched a stream of someone playing hunter, which looked awesome. I will probably play a bit with all classes in the beta and decide after that but I'll start with hunter.
  15. I need some friends who also play this game so I can complete the challenges. GT: Micz 000
  16. There is also a patch of a dog wearing 3d glasses which looks pretty good. You get it when you make 200 kills with Akimbo ACOG Magnums. You do have to have the challenge active at that moment tho
  17. Headshot an enemy wearing PMC Elite Heavy armor with an LMG
  18. Would love if someone shared their collection with me. GT: Micz 000 (those are zeroes)
  19. I have the following weapons in my shops: Brightwall village Defender of the faith The Love Sword Desert Fury Dragonbone Hammer Bowerstone Market Swift irregular The Splade Reaver Industries Perforator Mallet's Mallet Aurora Lunarium pounder The Merchant's bodyguard Ol'Malice The Barnumificator If anyone wants to buy them in my game send me a message, in return i would like to plunder your shops BTW is it possible to get all 50 different weapons from different players shops?
  20. Looking for a female character to trade online achievements, i need marriage, baby and female clothes. Also need the 1000g in another hero's world GT: Micz 000
  21. I have sent you a message on live, add me if you want to boost it
  22. Nice guide! Thank you very much this will definately come in handy!
  23. Looking for some people to boost free for all ranked win. GT: Micz 000
  24. EDIT: Only need like 100 kills more for the last achievement but i'm happy to help others get their achievements as long as I get some kills EDIT: Got them all
  25. Just picked this up, looking to get the multiplayer achievements done. GT: Micz 000
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