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  1. VIP pass is free guys, maybe they forgot originally but it's there now... Enjoy!
  2. would like to knock over the MP achievements for this if possible... in AU (sydney) so if you're available in the evenings hit me up (KRiSX85)
  3. you serious? why wouldn't they... credit card details... any purchased content... pretty obvious really
  4. lol funny stuff... good engrish... lol
  5. Just read an article that makes me think I should have gone reguard instead of imperial... Being the most noob friendly character... Anyone think I'll have a problem playing imperial warrior? Mainly heavy armor n big ass weapons? Not so concerned about magic really. I'm not even lvl2 yet so it's not too late to start over?! Lol
  6. Lol so basically it doesn't matter at all? I thought that heavy armor would slow down certain characters more than others (same for weapons)... Interesting lol. I might have to look at getting my hands on a book or something... So much to learn! Thanks guys we'll see how I progress!
  7. Hey all, bit of a noob with elder scrolls games... Had the same issue in oblivion, I just don't know what armor and weapons to use. My character is an imperial and at that first set of stone things (sorry can't remember what they r called) I chose warrior... As I've been going along I pick up all the weapons and armor I can but then I just get confused as to what i should use cause from memory certain characters shouldnt use heavy armor or two hand weapons. I tried doing some research but I'm just not finding the info I want/need. Please help/advise as I really wanna get into the game but this stuff is holding me up. Thanks!
  8. managed to crack this in about 20-30min... ended up with a nice boost in cash too... won it on a $25 bet
  9. the addon... well i guess its an addon... is on steam now doesn't actually say gothic 4 is required... so maybe its something different any word on the 360 one?
  10. i go for armor things first... its nice to be able to take a couple hits
  11. i only use it if i really cock something up... mind you if its really early on (within the first lap) i'll just restart cause i've prob been driving like a knob
  12. one of many bugs i've spotted while playing... this one made me lol [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMA0nBoyu8w]YouTube - Cod black ops buggy crap![/ame]
  13. holding off buying this at the moment myself... its good IMO... but i'm not 100% sold yet... ppl bitching about price need to GTFO really... hell you can buy this for 15-20$ (closer to $20 for us aussies) and get 3 hours or more entertainment from it, then its actually pretty decent value... some retail games RRP for over $100aus and u only get 5-8 hours... u do the math if i don't like castlevania (which i'm 99% sure i won't) and i only end up getting lara croft (instant purchase assuming the demo doesn't turn me off) from the rest of the next couple of weeks titles... then i'll grab this just so i get my 400 points back from MS (not sure if i'll like monday night combat either)... sure 400 points isn't quite the discount this will surely have in 6-12months but its better than nothing... plus i just bought a truck load of MS point cards for 50% off RRP so its quite cheap for me really... lol if anyone here is wondering wtf i'm talking about... buy 3 of 5 Summer of Arcade (or Winter of Arcade for us aussies) and u get 400 points back from MS... buy all 5 u get 1200 points (so 1 free game essentially, which is another option i'm toying with... if i only sorta like castlevania i'll just get em all lol)
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