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  1. Apparently other people are having this issue as well. Couple people on TA posted potential solutions in this thread https://www.trueachievements.com/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=1231520 Maybe see if either of those work, and let me know if it does, because I also have a bunch of old 360 retail/arcade games that I have yet to start, and this would be a nice fix to that potential problem if it does indeed affect me as well.
  2. Currently playing God Of War (PS4) and enjoying the hell out of it, especially after recently finishing the snooze fest that was Code Vein. No idea what game I'm gonna do next on the One. But whichever game it is will be getting me over the 200,000 GS plateau.
  3. Finished off Code Vein a few days ago. So, did I like the game? Nope, not really. I had a ton of issues with it but the overall main problem with the game is that it's boring. VERY boring. The combat is slow and sluggish, and at times un-responsive. I think I made it about half way through the story before I stopped caring what was going on (think it was Memory Of The Player or whatever). A couple chapters later I was skipping the cutscenes (the Eva fight onward). It didn't help that the music is very repetitive and tends to loop over and over again when unlocking memory fragments (which I eventually started skipping altogether after picking up the remaining fragments). Other problems included the game crashing on me at least 15 different times. Mostly on the Government Building map or whatever before the final boss, but it also happened in other places. I hated the design of the level called 'Cathedral Of Sacred Blood' which is basically a giant maze where you have to constantly open doors, climb ladders, and jump down to various other floors. Unless you're constantly using a guide, you're going to get lost. Another problem I had with this game was for some reason it kept screwing with my NAT settings on the Xbone. Every time I would try and host a game it would change my NAT to moderate. No other game has ever done this to me, going all the way back to the Xbox 360 in 2009. Overall I rate the game 4 out of 10, which is slightly below average for me. I see it as an 'acquired taste' type of game, and if you're into the Dark Souls type of combat and gameplay, you might really enjoy this. But to me it just reminded me of another boring game I completed years ago called Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Doom, only more glitchy.
  4. So here's how I personally force the saves to sync. I always make sure I save or let the game autosave. Then I quit to the game menu. Then close the game via Xbox button (scroll to game and choose close), I then restart my console, load up the game to where it previously saved, then and only then will I delete the LOCAL SAVE. This should close out the game, and when you load it up again the game should start syncing with your cloud save (which should be saved from when you closed the game and restarted the console). This method has always worked for me when having to do this.
  5. Vampyr. Completed this one about 2 weeks ago or so and it was horrible. Loading screens, loading screens, and more loading screens. Anytime you went more than 50 feet the game would stop and have to load. In battle, exploration, during dialogue. Graphics were something you'd expect on an early 360 title, story was forgettable. Enemy variety was mediocre, 90% of the time you'll be fighting the exact same 12 enemies or so. The few bosses you fight in the game were decent enough, I suppose, but nothing memorable. The absolute best part of the game is when you can go full vampire and slaughter all the annoying npcs you come across. This basically makes you un-godly powerful. Of course if you're going for the completion that means two full playthroughs, since this stupid game doesn't have manual saving and you have to rely on the the wonky autosave for everything. Overall this game gets a 3 out of 10 from me. Just not enjoyable whatsoever, besides the 30 minutes or so that I spent killing every npc to finish off the completion. Rise Of Nations: Extended Edition. Finished this one off a couple days ago. A complete 180 from the previous game, this was a blast to go through. I originally played this game non-stop back in 2005-2006, so it was an easy choice to purchase this remastered edition. Achievements are grindy but it won't matter when you're absolutely annihilating your opponent. It never gets old advancing your technology at a rapid pace while the AI opponent is still stuck in the medieval age. Tanks against horses and guys with spears has aged like fine wine LOL. For this version I actually played the campaign mode, which I had never done previously, and it was ok, nothing spectacular, but kinda fun. Game gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me. Just a ton of fun. Now all I need is Empire Earth to get the same treatment and I'll be ecstatic.
  6. Just finished off Until Dawn and wow was the dialogue horrendous LOL. Definitely reminded me of a bad 80s horror movie. The main goal of the game is to try and keep everyone alive till they get rescued at dawn, but it was so much more fun killing them all off haha. There's a trophy for both of course. Here's my rating for the usefulness of each character in the game. Most useful: Sam and Mike. These two were by far the ones I wanted to kill the least. They did much of the legwork to figure out what was going on and how to get through the night. Somewhat useful: Emily and Chris. Emily in particular was extremely annoying but did make some smart decisions and was able to handle herself when separated from everyone else. Chris also was able to keep his cool in most situations. Completely useless: Matt, Ashley, Jessica and Josh. Matt is basically Emily's lapdog throughout the game. If they took him out of the game nothing would be lost. Ashley spends the entire game whining, crying, and complaining. Jessica is the resident airhead and would fit right into an old Friday The 13th movie, she's really just there for eye candy and should never survive under any circumstances. Josh you don't thankfully get to play much, but when you do you can't wait to see him killed off. Was a decent game overall, around a 7 out of 10. There's not much replay-ability once you unlock all the trophies though, but it might be a good one to dust off and play around Halloween.
  7. If you think that's bad, 100 of those hours were spent on an insane mode permadeath playthrough where the achievement didn't unlock for me after killing the final boss, so I had to go through the entire thing again. Was ready to snap the disk in half but luckily a good samaritan on TA helped me breeze through it with a high level character. So, in essence, the game sucks and unless you LOVE Diablo style games, don't ever waste your time with it. Anyway, hopefully Vampyr is better LOL.
  8. So I just finished off Vikings: Wolves Of Midgard. Put about 200 hours into it. Unless you're a huge fan of top down RPGs, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. Graphics are horrible, game lags and stutters. You'll be wailing away on an enemy, the game will lag, and you'll then be past the enemy while he's damaging you. Also, the bosses will always be at least 4-5 levels higher then you unless you run through stages multiple times to level up. Just an awful game all around, but it does have a nice ratio on TA LOL. Thinking I might do Vampyr next. Sure as hell hope it'll be better then this game was.
  9. Finished off Vikings: Wolves Of Midgard. And the game...sucked. Looked like a leftover game from the PS2 era. Thinking about doing Vampyr next. Also gonna play Until Dawn on PS4 finally.
  10. Two Worlds. The worst voice acting you'll ever hear in a video game and a framerate that barely works. Graphics that look like it belongs on the PS2 and glitches galore. But man of man did I have a good time with it. Loved all the customization and combining or armor and weapons. Voice acting was so bad that it was comedy gold to me. Bullet Witch. Another game with absolutely horrendous voice acting. Bad graphics and laughable story. But it doesn't matter much when you're controlling a witch that you can throw in a schoolgirl costume and cast devastating spells. Oh yeah, and let's not forget the achievements in this game, which require you to play through the game 5 times to complete it, and the hardest difficulty rewards you with 1 gamerscore. Venetica. I don't remember too much about this game, except that almost everyone hated it but me. I remember it was another RPG where you needed multiple playthroughs to complete it, and also needed strategic saves at certain points in the story to avoid even more playthroughs. The story wasn't too bad from what I remember and the combat was serviceable, at least to me. Most everyone else hated the combat, or thought it was bland.
  11. A few. Halo is definitely one of them. Tried the original back in the early 2000s and it really didn't grab me like so many others at the time. I just found it kind of boring honestly. Tried again with Halo 3 as it was bundled with my 360 back in 2009 and I liked that one even less. Especially driving the vehicles. Even coop couldn't save this one for me. The Witcher 2. I just couldn't get into the combat or story in this game. I found the entire experience to be incredibly frustrating. And that map, oh man was it bad. The Witcher 3 is so much better than this game it's laughable IMO. Dead Rising 2. Didn't really like the main protagonist or his kid too much. Hated the loading times whenever you entered and exited the casino. The psychos were lame compared to the original game. Crackdown. Found the game a chore to play through and don't even get me started on trying to find the 800 orbs across the map. It still baffles me why people liked this one so much. Is it weird that I enjoyed Crackdown 2 way more than this one? Grand Theft Auto IV. This one was so disappointing to me as I was a huge GTA fan back in the PS2 and original Xbox days. The driving in this game is what really killed it for me. That and the cops going after you if you even looked at someone wrong in the game. I dropped the series after this one and fully embraced Saints Row instead. Definitely forgetting some more games, but these are the ones that immediately came to mind when reading the thread title.
  12. According to TA I'm around 100 hours played with this game. I didn't rush to get anything done but made sure to scour every area for loot and locations. I'm essentially done with this game with only 3 achievements left to unlock, which are the two coop achievements and the currently glitched unobtainable 'Ultimate Vault Hunter' achievement, all of which should take me no more than 5 minutes to unlock once Gearbox actually decides to fix this.
  13. Failed most of mine, although I came close on everyone of them. Anyway, here's what I will aim for this year 220 completions (currently 202) 65 RPG completions (currently at 54) 9,000 achievements won (currently at 8,402) Get back over 99% completion and stay there (98% right now) Continue to maintain a 2.0 ratio on TA Climb even farther up the RPG leaderboard on TA, possibly into the top 250 (currently at 332)
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