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  1. Looking for two extra people to boost Deathmatch. Send me a message and we'll work something out -- time will likely not be an issue for either of us. GT: Medelus
  2. It's called the Astral Ring. Can't recall specifically where I found it, but if you play Hard, you'll get a bunch along the way. It's a pretty common drop.
  3. Great guide -- just a quick note about her weapon progression: it's got 3 levels, and it gets a range increase each time. Level 1: Sword Level 2: Sword + Axes Level 3: Long Sword + Maces (get 9x copies of all 22 of her spells to get this; moderate range upgrade) Some people claim the glow gets more pronounced at some point, as well, but if it did, it was too subtle for me to notice.
  4. I'm not sure about the first two chapter bosses, but yeah, I've heard of people getting glyph drops from bosses 3-6. The only one I can speak definitively on is Menace, who drops Lapiste quite commonly. At any rate, since Death can be done very quickly and drops both, he's definitely the way to go.
  5. It's easiest to farm her weapon glyphs on Death in Chapter 5, since it only takes like 3-5 minutes on Normal. She only has two additional ones that are known, unfortunately: Lapiste (stone fist) and Pneuma (squall burst). The drop rates are kind of shit, but it's definitely worth getting two Pneuma. As far as DPS with a normal weapon goes, not many people will be able to keep up with you.
  6. should be done relatively soon, since the last card just got found
  7. nice guide, but you might, at the very least, want to put a spoiler warning in there somewhere
  8. curious to see how accurate these are -- i love all the bizarre little stats it keeps track of among other things, it says i'm 1/100 for trading cards and side mission progression, at 61% and 53%, respectively. is there anybody who has more? doesn't seem right, but i'm unsure how many people it's applicable to -- if it's out of the top 100 scores for that chapter, or the game, or what feel free to share any and all of your other stats, as well
  9. you're not alone -- i really, really dig this game. it's like a bizarre proto-Alan Wake with a shitload of Twin Peaks fanservice. it's flawed and has limited appeal to be sure, however, the scope and ambition of the game alone put it well above a 2 on any quasi-objective scale. the exploration and interaction with the town and the townspeople, and all the quirky little touches in between are ace and give the game a ton of charm, even if the mechanics are kind of jank. localization and music are also pretty damn good, given the budget at $20, i think it's definitely worth giving a shot in whatever way you can, because if it clicks with you, it is utterly engrossing. and if worse comes to worst, hey, you potentially supported a good effort from a struggling publisher, go you
  10. Couple more: #49: Seven Bones Available: 08, 09, 11-14, 16, 18, 26 Host: Brian the Insomniac Location: Examine open grave in the Graveyard. Description: Seven Bones have been scattered around the map. You must find them all and bring them back to Brian. The locations are marked on your map, and thus, are very straight-forward. The only exception might be the bone near Brian himself: navigate the tight corridor behind the fenced area, and push the gargoyle statue blocking the entrance to gain access to it. Reward: Brian's House Key, Sidequest #50 #50: Ghost House Treasure Available: 08, 09, 11-16, 18, 26 Host: Brian the Insomniac Location: Brian's House Description: Go to Brian's house downtown (near the police station), and unlock the entryway to the right of the barbed wire gate to proceed. Once inside, navigate the maze that is his backyard to claim your reward at the end. Reward: Wesley Special ∞ (flamethrower with infinite ammo)
  11. Ushah (the doctor) sells them at the hospital. Additionally, you can find an infinite amount of small first aid kits at his house.
  12. Edit: sorry if any confusion was caused -- game is beaten now, but earlier, i assumed that a "deadline" for a quest meant just that, and that you were limited by time. my original post is quoted just below this some real tips, some reiterated for emphasis on their importance: – get the walkie talkie from quest no. 5. really, this should be the first thing you try to accomplish. it will literally shave hours from your playtime, especially if you're going for the cards - get infinite magnum (find all bones then do quest no. 11). neither the infinite mp5, shotgun, nor the flamethrower matter in the long run – get keith's guitar and/or wrench for anything else - for crawlers, use magnum or melee weapon. use shotgun if you have neither - infinite supply of small first aid kits in Ushah's house, if need be – this should be a given, but for your own sanity, open doors while running, as it cuts the animation drastically. also, quick turn = back + X
  13. Here's the rest you get through fishing: 04.) Becky Ames - Fishing spot near Becky's house. 12.) Isaach Ingram - Fishing spot near Emerald River. 13.) Isiah Ingram - Fishing spot near June Bridge. 16.) Jim Green - Fishing spot near Jim's cabin (there are three, but all contain the same card). 19.) Harry Stewart - Fishing spot near Lake Cranberry (the one near the place you can sleep -- the other in the vicinity contains an unknown duplicate). 29.) Fiona "Freckles" - Fishing spot near Muffler Road. Counting Polly, that should be all of them -- seven in total.
  14. 24.) Quint Dunn - Rewarded for placing 2nd in darts at SWERY 65. 26.) Polly Oxford - Fish at the dock by the Great Deer Yard Hotel -- landing on the pink gift box (usually surrounded by two failure tiles) will get you this. Seems like each dock has a different trading card, although I'm not able to confirm that as of yet.
  15. The Twilight Cathedral Serpent Hole yields the Life Shard, the other two contain the Wrath Shards. Much obliged for the guide.
  16. Need to use the Cross Blade, rather than Mercy. Target all three, fire, and then make your way across quickly.
  17. Likewise, my friend "The IB" has volunteered himself to our reserves, if for whatever reason more than one person can't make it. He's GMT-8, too.
  18. Count me in -- that'll be about 09:00 my time, which works out just fine. 1. Jimbo LaFleur | GMT+1 | Turret, Flamethrower, Grey Matter 2. SkinnyBin | London Time | All team fortress achievements 3. x360a OpaCuS | GMT+1 | Flamethrower 4. Medelus | GMT-8 | Flamethrower 5. 6. 7. 8.
  19. From what I've read, it seems the ver. 101 code only came with the first print-run of the game. I pre-ordered it way in advance from P-A, and am in the same boat, which is pretty fucked. You could try emailing them, but I didn't have any luck on that front -- seems like we're SOL, either way. Between this and that FFXIII fiasco, I think I'm done with them for the time being.
  20. I just kept traveling between Warden's Keep and Flemeth's Hut until the event triggered -- took like 10 minutes. Totally random, although I think your odds of getting it might be better the earlier you try for it. Never happened in my main playthrough (50+ hours).
  21. Aw shit, my number one shadow smurf in the house.

  22. No one has ever been banned for playing a game prior to street date. As long as you didn't pirate it, you'll be fine.
  23. You only stay in instant kill mode for about 10 seconds in-between kills. If you fail to get a kill in this period of time (it's hard to with this method -- the infinite spawn will ensure that you will never not have enemies flocking to you), you'll revert back to your regular fighting stance, and the kill counter on-screen will disappear and reset. So, you have to keep the chain going while not missing any of the QTEs to get the achievement.
  24. Foreword: this achievement is NOT cumulative, despite the misleading description. You must get 100 chain kills in rapid succession. My directions assume you're already familiar with how to chain kill. The number one problem people have with this achievement is the timing -- with good reason, as it's extremely easy to choke. However, for this, there's a simple solution: pause. While in chain kill mode, every time a grunt charges you and you hear the sword clash, press start, and the QTE prompt will freeze as the menu fades on to the screen, allowing you to see it for about 2 seconds with no consequence. Note the button shown, and then, as you unpause, mash said button. You will, guaranteed, nail it every time. As for where to get it, it's easily obtainable during the bad Ouka ending sequence, when the base is surrounded by Fujimori's troops (it's hard not to get this ending on your first Ouka storyline run -- go up to the banquet after getting the cutscene about Nobunaga). Whatever option you pick, go outside and start killing troops until the second wave of soldiers burst through the gate -- this is an uninterrupted infinite spawn. Now, get a resonable amount of space, and start chain killing. You should have it within 10-15 minutes, easy. Hopefully this helps some of you out there. Also note that I have no idea whether the game being installed or not will affect this -- it shouldn't, but if it's not working, try uninstalling and running from the disc.
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