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    Multimedia Designer, Golfer, Roller Hockey Goalie/RW, Husband/Dad, Gamer & Gadget Geek
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    Irwin, PA
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    golf, roller hockey, gadgets and music/movies
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    web designer

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  1. thenixhex311

    EASHL team

    If anyone is looking to join a team, we have one setup, just search for 'True Achievements'
  2. Looking to boost the first round MUT bye and the Ranked points achievements real quick. Usually online from 1030pm - 2am EST if that time works for you. Will send an XB1 Preview program invite if you help too!
  3. Looking for help to quick boost these MUT achievements (bye, super bowl, etc.) I'm usually online from 1030pm-2am EST if that matches up with your timeframe Shoot me a message on XBL : thenixhex311
  4. Need help boosting first round bye and the other MP achievements while at it. Should be able to do it quick. I'll give you my complete roster after as well. 95+ all players. Can boost evenings 10:30+ EDT. Gt: thenixhex311
  5. I'm also looking to boost the MP achievements on this (XB1), can grind them out this weekend/upcoming week, around 10:30pm + EDT. Message me on Live : thenixhex311
  6. Thanks for that, Kohbo! I wondered what the Creed points were, just have to figure out tonight when I get home how to upgrade my gear! thanks again!
  7. http://o.aolcdn.com/hss/storage/midas/2a6c9a0623b00214f46f3fa4d92ca12f/201090845/mas1.jpg the 23242 in the upper left...i feel stupid asking. what are these, how did i get them, and what can i use them for?
  8. Same thing happened to me man, was doing Truth and Reconciliation solo Legendary (in a Halo n00b) and it took me FOREVER to get past that first ship bay...made it almost to the end of the freaking level then i saved/quit. Fired it up today and it starts me over. Granted, I was noticeably better on the part leading up to the first part of the ship considerably, I forgot to bring my sniper up with me and now I'm stuck at the same spot again. FUCK
  9. Nope. Just regular campaign. 2nd time through to the ship was much easier now that I know what I'm doing but I fudged up and dropped my sniper before I got on the ship. Eff me
  10. Wtf. Took forever to finally clear the first room on the ship in truth and reconciliation solo legendary, but I made it past. Fire up game tonight to resume checkpoint...and it starts me at the beginning of the mission. Wtf
  11. First try last night on this stupid spot I had 3-4 sword wielding elites come out right away and managed to stickybomb or snipe them, and somehow just blast through all the grunts and jackals. I even had most of the marines survive a while! Music kicked up while I was hiding in the tunnels and peeked out and saw the Hunters and thought holy shit! Took a while for them to get in position (with limited snipe ammo) but took them out and saw "Checkpoint....done" HALLELUJAH!!! Made it almost to where Keyes was with relative ease after that! Thanks for the help! Never got into the Halo games that much before, but I'm quite enjoying it so far, even if some of these areas are a bitch on solo. Just have to find a partner to play with on my limited time schedule, haha
  12. thanks for that! I know exactly where you are talking about... so when I go in that door (right by the invisibility, i go up and to the LEFT (dead end?) Right leads to the door that opens to the other part of the tunnel that forks down/right back to the main floor. Is there a constant total of the sword guys? I want to say I've killed 5 before but managed to die some other point.
  13. So, While I have played Halo 3 and Halo: Reach years ago, I would still consider myself a n00b at the franchise. Regarding the Legendary play-through achievement...is there a benefit to doing this WITH someone? Most of my friends either don't game, or have PS4s, so I'm mostly SOL to have someone dedicated to pair up with and play. Right now I'm on Truth and Reconciliation in Halo:CE by myself and just getting my ASS handed to me once you get on the ship and just get overrun with the sword-wielding elites. I made it to where music started once, and then some stupid Jackal snuck up on me from one of those rooms (I was camping/sniping/needling from the door/path on the one side) and ended that. Are you better off to go at legendary with someone? Does the difficulty increase the more people you have? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  14. I'll give someone 20k in hut coins if you can jump online now (11:45 edt) and quick quit two amateur playoff games so I can get this stupid achievement done. Msg me on xbl
  15. Need two more playoff wins division 9... If someone wants to boost them this week for me I'll boost yours next weekend Message me on xbl: thenixhex311
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