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  1. need all online achievements gt=xx IJibbszzz xx add me will return the favour thanks in advance
  2. the reason i put lag is because whatever time i play it matches me up with people from mexico. wtf and i live in uk so it is shit. To be honest the best connection of all cod games is 4 and i reckon mw2 is laggier than gears of war 2 for me. i have great connection which is supposedly the worst connectivity of all games and in regards to pAinkiller i dont use it i use whatever the last death streak is or copycat until i get the last deathstreak.
  3. awesome up to 6 players now

  4. I think cod 4 is the best and waw is a close second. Modern warfare 2 is the shittest game ever released. the reasons are one man army danger close 4 year olds game chat so we have to listen to some scouser tell us we live in a basement snipers get alot of hitmarkers. map pack overpriced because no additional achievements or spec ops and 2 reused cod 4 maps Maps like invasion and karachi built for camping nukes and tac insertions increase the amount of people boosting ridiculous killstreaks ie chopper gunners painkiller overpowered shotguns/machine pistols (dual rafficas and spas) Marathon lightweight commando knifing twats no party chat takes longer too find game host migration doenst even work prestige symbols look like turd hacked/glitch lobbies stinger locking on but not hitting target scar h and ak are overpowered Everyone use the ump45 silenced which is ridiculously overpowered Acr has no recoil at all random lag Sitrep pro impossible 2 get without boosting tactical knife spec ops has no replay value campaign was so fuckin easy when you go into a match with party some people dont make it scavenger enables people 2 get pretty much infinite explosives
  5. I have 2 problems I have 2 songs left on expert to beat The songs are raining blood and number of the beast any tips will be good I cant 5 star raining blood of number of the beast on hard again any tips will be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
  6. Yeh thinking about it now i could come up with 1000s of bands worth it I like the scorpions, Eric Clapton , ZZ top , Kansas , Boston but i really dont like the eagles and i think zeppelin are overrated.
  7. I dont think they should of done metallica then because they are not exactly fun to sing imo going on that i would say only kiss and hardline are appropiate from my original list. although hardline are not a band that changed history they rock and there songs would be challenging on all instruments i also dont think rhcp should be a game. iron maiden because they are one of the pioneering bands of metal.
  8. Band Hardline Songs Everything,Love Leads The Way,I'll Be There Band House Of Lords Songs Field Of Shattered Dreams,Love Don't Lie,Desert Rain
  9. rush is a good idea. i like house of lords because they have epic vocals and that would be good for all u singers I would like guitar hero glam metal featuring ratt, la guns, motley crue and hanoi rocks as well
  10. the thing that annoyed me is we didnt see top of the world or dreams from van hagar
  11. Imagine if 12 year old girls would vote it would be guitar hero jonas brothers or justin bieber all the bands they have done so far have been very good imo
  12. I think they should do kiss, danger danger , hardline, motley crue or house of lords.
  13. add the dark corners For nowhere camp at mulcher/mortar spawn have 1 guy run for the grenades at the start of each round.Have 2 guys covering the stairs,1 guy mulchering/mortaring and the other 2 sniping got blood on the sand in 3 hours playing on hardcore without dying
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