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  1. I just do not belive them before i see with my own eyes as they promised few times before already
  2. Could not agree more with you. I can not play it more than 2-3 missions per day so far
  3. Will not belive before something is really done! We should gather all of us waiting here this fixed and share this discussions with them. Also would get MJ and maybe even Power Up heroes, but will NOT buy them until Fitness game is Fixed and whats the story with these lame gamerscore DLC-s they have time to create these no problem. Refering to another 15G DLC:uzi:
  4. Looking to boost online achievements! send message to my GT: Robert da Pro
  5. Looking for CO-OP parter! MY GT: Robert da Pro
  6. Yeah, looks like this one seems to be combination of skill & luck
  7. Good that did not make first day buy on this game. Looks like another glitchy one :S
  8. Yes you get achievement indeed without actually having Fable III Pretty cool idea actually this coin transfer between xbox and windos phone game i must say. Fable 2 was good game, must look into Fable III soon
  9. Funny, but this was only achievement missing when i finished up with the game. I was checking for best place to grind it and level Way to the base is your best bet as there is lots of bottles behind you where you start. Shooting them will do the trick, no need to kick or melee them! You can kill yourself in flames quickly and bottles respawn back.
  10. Just got this wp7 game and i have question: I do not have Fable III at the moment, but i am planning to play it in coming months. If i get cold here before playing Fable III then will it remember my earinings or i should then replay again if want to get them. Hopefuly explained good inaff
  11. I am in.. let me know if full crew is togheter and how we make suitable time for all of us. 1. morseypoo2000 2. drumassassinm 3. Iceice3030 4. Thomas Irwin 5.Robert da Pro 6.
  12. Looking to boost all online achievements... GT: Robert da Pro
  13. Could someone post best place / link where to write them about this and we all start spamming to them about this issue. Maybe with more people we can put them to move.
  14. Just picked this up. I try to only buy games what cost 2.99 very few i got more expencive. cmon phone games after all EDIT: Damn .. they still charged my credit card for 5.99 did this happen to anyone else here too? Where and who should i complain about that to get money back?
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