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  1. Hi... sorry for the late reply. I don't frequent this site as much as I used to (which seems to be a lot of people right now). I don't really know what you mean, as I don't know the site as well as you do, it seems. I'm talking about the area where you go, to find games and achievement guides & road maps, etc. If I knew what to change, AND had the access to do it (I guess I would have to be given "restricted access")... I would gladly do it (as I could get to it), for free. I'm working from home (and this was the case BEFORE the COVID outbreak), and there are times when I have a lot of free time (and when I just don't feel like playing games). Oddly enough, I prefer working to playing games. I only play games to unwind (which is why I don't do too much multiplayer stuff... that stresses me out!). Anyway, I'm sure I would have to have a long talk with someone, BEFORE I might be allowed to fix broken links... but "OBVIOUSLY"... if I did anything I wasn't supposed to do, with malicious intent... an immediate and permanent ban would be placed on my account, and probably block access from my IP address. I've had some problems on here in the past, but I've been "watching it" and behaving (just ask blakgravy... we've talked quite a bit about my past on here). Anyway, if it'll be an absolute no... then I'll see if there's another way to get in touch with members who are still active on here with guides, and see if I can't find a way to let them know the site change broke some links. Hopefully, we can find a way to fix some of these issues without putting too much burden on the staff to do it! 🙂
  2. Are you guys serious? You can't even download the modules you once downloaded before? You SHOULD be able to do it from your download history, NOT looking for the content in the store/dashboard of the games store of the Xbox 360. I believe I have EVERY module they released, still on my hard drive (though I only ever bought one game, "Tutankham" - which I just played for a little over an hour, and got that 'My Blisters have Blisters!' achievement... I posted about it under that thread for that one achievement). I'd take a look at your download history, to see if you can find those modules. Oh... don't scroll too fast through your download history (using the triggers). Whenever I did that, it always seemed to crash the download history, and I would have to back-out and start over. Also, you don't want to skip-over the files you are looking for! Good luck, and let me know if you are able to find and redownload your Game Room modules, AND play the full version of the games you paid for!!!
  3. Unfortunately, I only ever bought one game for Game Room: Tutankham. This was my favorite game to play in the arcades, back in the day. Had I known the servers would go offline, the games could not be purchased anymore, etc.... I would have spent enough money on a few games, to complete the achievements. That said, I "just" got the 'My Blisters have Blisters!' achievement. I never looked-up this thread before, to see how it might be done... because Tutankham (at default settings, or "ranked", which probably doesn't allow for it) has limited lives, then the game ends (I also forgot about the time-rewind feature). Anyway, for a long time... I had only 195gs in Game Room. I was just playing the game, just to play it... but I saw I could change the amount of lives to "Infinite" lives, so I did... and just played the game for about an hour (I didn't even keep track of the time, because I didn't know how long I was going to actually play - especially since it was 1:00 AM). At one point, I was thirsty, and was just about to get up and go get a drink... and this achievement popped!! I looked at the time, and it was just after 2:00 AM... so I had been playing for an hour (which was actually less time than I had done on this game in one sitting, back in the arcade in the 80's - I put a LOT of quarters into this game back then). If anyone is still thinking of trying for this achievement... just see if you have a game that can be set to "infinite" lives, and just play for an hour. Hopefully, you have a game you actually enjoy enough to play for that long! Incidentally... I got to level 12 (or 3 full playthroughs, of the 4 levels) in Tutankham, before I finally stopped (well after I got the achievement). I think the best I ever did in the arcade was 6 levels. It's pretty hard with only 3 or 4 lives, by default!! I'm at an even 200gs in Game Room, now. I'm not sure I want to bother with the other 80gs I could try for, assuming they would still unlock... since playing for over an hour, kind of filled my desire to play Tutankham for quite a while...! 😉
  4. How many of you have tried or are using "Dark Mode" on this web site? What issues do you have with it, such as some text being hard to read... to some being completely unreadable, unless you switch back to "Blind my eyes at night, Mode!"??? There's also a poll, so please vote on it (it's mostly to gauge what percentage of users - at least those who take the poll, use Dark Mode).
  5. I don't know if it's as simple as correcting an URL, but ALL the images in the "Dead Space" achievement guide are linked to the old web site name ( ending in .org), and no images are shown. There are probably a LOT of achievement guides affected by the domain-name change. Assuming it's as simple as updating the link... there are probably hundreds (maybe thousands?!!) of these broken links like this. Is anyone on staff, tackling this on a regular / semi-regular basis? I understand that if they are... Dead Space is fairly far down the list alphabetically, and will be gotten around to eventually. Actually... a request of the original poster's of these guides to update the links might make the job easier for the staff (at least for any guide makers who haven't since been banned)! Toasty411 (also his gamertag) did Dead Space. I reached out to him already on Xbox, but he hasn't been on in a few days... so I'll let you know if I get in touch with him!
  6. Okay... so I don't know what the differences are between these two versions (is one Canadian???)... but I clicked on the one that is NOT the (CN) version, but it keeps bringing me to this one that has (CN) near the top of this forum. I tried clicking on the one that IS supposed to be the CN version... and I get an error. Can someone look into this?! Oh... if this issue gets fixed... PLEASE feel free to delete this thread (I don't care about forum post counts)!
  7. No, it isn't necessary. I did create a new thread about it, as the direct tie-in is pretty awesome. If you haven't played it... you really should. It could actually use a guide (it would just be a G&R, since there are no achievements), but it would be helpful. I had to look-up online for hints, as I got stuck in a couple of places.
  8. Okay... if you haven't played this before, it will be offered as an option before you start playing Episode 2. DEFINITELY download it and play it before you continue. There are no achievements, as it IS just a demo... but the last scene before the closing credits will have an awesome moment you won't want to miss. Also, the story is pretty good!
  9. I'm just starting Episode 2, and there's a pop-up message about playing "Captain Spirit" before Episode 2. Can you add some details about this to the guide, so people will know it was a demo released about 3 months before this game... and has ties to the story and characters from "Life is Strange 2" (or maybe I just did?)! I'm going to play it... I just hope it isn't a LONG side-story. <edit> It took me to the Microsoft Store, and is downloading "The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit." It's 4.69gb, pretty significant for what sounded like a 15 minute side mission. It's a free demo that was released about 3 months before this game (which I don't remember hearing about, otherwise... I would have checked it out). Fans of this game will probably want to NOT skip it
  10. Hey... sorry I hadn't played this sooner, for the sake of answering this question (since he didn't really explain it in the video). Wait until the moment the screen changes color, when the game gives you control of your character. If you do it too soon or keep jabbing the button... it seems to fail. When you hit the at the right moment, it seems to work every time. Make sure you "hold" the button when you DO press it, but not before the screen changes color... as that seemed to work for me. Geez... I probably spent 20 minutes figuring out that timing for the button. Obviously, I still got the whole game finished under an hour - NOT, LOL!! Please let me know if my tip helps. As much as I use these web sites to further "my" achievements... it's almost as important to me, to take the time to help others do the same!! OP... thanks for giving future users of your guide a heads-up about that one achievement. I laughed out loud, when I saw you up the possible number of attempts to do that one achievement. My attempts was probably around 50 or 60, and a night dreaming I was doing it for real!!
  11. Yes, this is a tricky one. I'll tip my hat to anyone (who hasn't played it before) who can prove they completed the ENTIRE game in an hour or less. Good luck!!!
  12. Hey... I hate to bug you with stuff during the COVID-19 situation, but I was hoping you could pass along a suggestion (because I really don't know where to direct this). Can someone add the page buttons to the "top" of game listings for categories that have more than one page (like games under the "T" section). It's a real pain to have to scroll-down or jump to the bottom of a page, when you know when selecting "T" that you'll want to go to the 3rd page, for example. Also (if it wouldn't be too hard), that each button had the first 3 to 5 letters for the name in the box, so you would know whether you needed to go to the next page, or just to the bottom.

  13. If you like your controls inverted, you will need to switch the "Y-axis" to yes for this game in the game settings. Another case of a stupid game developer not having the game read the settings from your Xbox profile (this happens with a number of games from smaller studios... that, or someone just totally overlooked it)! BTW... you CAN change your settings in the game after you've started playing. You have to "save" your game first, then quit your game... so you CAN go change your settings as needed (it's just that you can't do it while in game-play)!!!
  14. It's actually a giant's leg, not an arm. Excellent guide, though... and a properly done roadmap - a lesson for everyone else!
  15. Umm... isn't the above a response? No, I deleted my response because of what mixed-case user name said... and it was in appropriate. I'm not going to argue with people who have been doing something they think is the right way of doing, because it's just the way they've always done it - even though it's illogical. That's like accepting a game released with a bug, and maybe has broken achievements or whatnot... because that's the way it was released. These "achievement guides" should be listing the achievements to be unlocked, as you would get to them during game-play. The order that Microsoft or the software developer puts them in... DOES NOT mean you have to write your guides for achievements in that order!! Now as for the "list" of achievements you see when you click on the title of the game when you are browsing the list of games on this site... THAT is a different story. It makes sense to keep those lists in the order you get them, but not for an achievement guide. I think THAT started, from these people who would create a pseudo achievement guide, and simply put the text from the achievement description as the guide... and they put the achievements in the order that you get them from Microsoft or wherever.
  16. This is utter BULLSHIT!!! Whoever started the idea that there are no missable achievements, because of "chapter select"... should be taken out and shot! The concept of missable achievements on this site, sound more like a a reference to an unobtainable achievement. If you are playing a game, and there are two paths to take... a "fork in the road", if you will... and taking the left path will eventually reach the end of the level, but the right path will do the same thing - except there is a collectible that unlocks an achievement, but you took the path to the left... THAT is a missable achievement! THIS is what people want to know. Are there achievements that you can miss while playing the game, as opposed to ones that unlock automatically as you progress?! I don't care if you have to replay the entire game to pick up one achievement, or if you can play a single chapter to get it... if you missed it because you didn't do what was needed to get it... THAT IS A MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT!!!!! Take a look at the Xbox One guide for this game. IT was done correctly!! The powers that be on this site, need to reeducate the people who do guides here, and if there's a template that explains the roadmap... IT needs to be corrected! Also... someone needs to take the time to update the guides that have missable achievements listed incorrectly.
  17. I'm surprised no one mentioned this before. You can get this game, and a WHOLE LOT OF OTHERS, that are from that developer, Midway... from "Midway Arcade Origins. There are 30+ games on that compilation, and no unreasonable achievements (I believe it's fairly easy to 100% this, too)!! Oh... and it's backwards-compatible on Xbox One!
  18. That makes no sense. No one "wants" that glitch to work! What do you mean? Is there no normal mode anymore, or does playing on "Nightmare" difficulty unlock all the achievements without the need for a second playthrough???
  19. I'm looking at getting the game, since the digital deluxe version is under 7 bucks right now (Dec. 1, 2019)! Regarding the lip sync problem... wasn't this game created in China? Maybe they're speaking in Chinese, and it was dubbed into English, so the animation is off?! JUST KIDDING!!! I thought I'd see if there was any "stay away from this game" posts before diving in, and the first thing that came to my mind was those Chinese martial arts flicks from the 70's that were dubbed into English. A couple of mouth moves, and a couple of full sentences were dubbed-in, LOL!
  20. How does this affect the DVD version, or what would be the "base" game (there's no details on the other thread, like there is here)? Is it possible to get the original 1000gs? Does the disc-version or base game count as 100% complete, if you DO NOT download the DLC... or does it show the remaining, unobtainium achievements (yes, "Avatar" reference) that can't be unlocked??? I don't own any version of this game... I just came across a listing of it for sale and was curious about it!
  21. I should've commented on this thread a LONG TIME AGO... since I got the Star Wars Xbox 360 console (R2-D2 finish, with C-3PO controller and Kinect sensor), and I played the demo-version of Kinect Star Wars. The next day (after playing the game for about 45 minutes the day before)... I was SO SORE! My shoulder was absolutely KILLING ME!!! When the console recommends you take a break... they know what they're talking about. I really enjoyed the game, but I was so worried I was going to need to go see a doctor about my shoulder (and I was/am in good physical condition - no athlete, but fit). I haven't played that game since that time with just the demo... but I still have my SW Xbox 360 console! Anyway... I was just perusing the Kinect games and was curious what was ever said about THIS game. I'm thinking of trying the demo again, but not play it as hard (or as long - especially since I'm over 50 now)!
  22. Moron! You came to this site JUST to troll users for YouTube visits? I hope the admins see this and ban your account (I'm surprised they haven't already)!!

  23. TellTale Games was the developer, and their contract ended with Aardman studios, which is why the games were delisted in 2014. With TT Games being closed, the best hope would be if Aardman made a new contract with another game studio... perhaps if Microsoft Studios agreed to publish the games, they could be re-released on Xbox One - hopefully, and more likely... as a complete set. This would be great, if the games were remastered for Xbox One... as they were great on Xbox 360 (I was fortunate enough to buy them during the summer of 2013, as a buy 3 get 1 free deal with Xbox Rewards... with the promo they had going on the month of July). It would also be great if, somehow... the original Xbox Wallace & Gromit games: "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" & "Project Zoo" were made backwards-compatible on Xbox One. I have both of those titles (I bought one of them on eBay a couple of years ago, new... for 15 bucks), and they're a lot of fun! Again, it's a licensing issue... so it would be up to Aardman Studios to give it a greenlight, then someone would have to engineer making them BC. All the game studios that published or developed these W&G games are defunct, so Microsoft is the best bet for any of these returning. If anyone out there is social media savvy... perhaps you could get some sort of grassroots thing going to have people petition for MS to bring these games to Xbox One. The games are a lot of fun, and MS likes making money... so see if you can get people to light a fire under Microsoft and bring these games to Xbox One!!!
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