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  1. I beat the game offline and the achievement popped when I reconnected. I deleted the save and the local data every time I died. I got 100% in that save, too. I didn't anticipate doing that, as I figured it would add to my frustration immeasurably, but all of the power ups helped me a lot. Edit: The only gripe I have in doing this the way that I did is the achievements unlocking out of order. Sometimes, when I reconnected, six-or-seven achievements would pop. At one point, the achievement for beating a dungeon unlocked before the achievement to get the key to the dungeon did. So when I look at my list for Ori, it's a jumbled mess.
  2. I got through the Misty Woods and was going to save it in front of the next dungeon. The path to it is kind of long, but not really dangerous. Unfortunately, my game glitched and I fell through the world. It respawned me at my last save. I've noticed the game has loading issues - many times, when I leave an area, the screens stays behind for a number of seconds before it jumps to me. This time, it caused me to fall into the abyss. It doesn't count as a death on the screen, but I can't risk it. I have to delete my save and redo the Misty Woods. Dammit.
  3. That's really good to know. Hopefully I'll be able to double confirm it shortly enough. I'm still only just past the ginso tree, but after getting the two new abilities, I've been able to get just about every collectible so far. The grenade ability lets you get tons of them early. This mode is a lot more forgiving once you get a ton of health and energy. I know some things can still instant kill you, but all in all, things are going well. I'd really recommend people take the time to get a good portion of the collectibles when doing one-life mode, as the extra stats and skills help a ton.
  4. I'm not. Anyway, it's too late now. I've got both abilities. At least I got more ability points and health cells in the dungeon. I figured dash could be handy in certain circumstances. Particularly air-dash. If I miss a jump and need to get over quickly, it could put me where I need to be. Since I'm already 60% done with the dungeon, I'm going to try to finish it just to see what else is in there.
  5. I'm currently going through Black Root Burrows to get the new abilities. It's a pain in the ass, as it's new content and I'm not really sure where to go. There's very low visibility as well. Do the new abilities make the rest of the game significantly easier? Is it worth slogging through this area on one-life? Edit: I got Dash. It seems like it will be useful. I'll keep going through to get the other ability. I wasn't sure about it, but seeing it on YouTube, you can actually use it in platforming situations as well. The grenades you throw, you can bash jump off of. So... that's kind of handy.
  6. I'll try doing that when I get there. I only just now cleared the Ginso Tree. It's taking me a lot longer than I expected, as I'm paranoid that my saves aren't syncing. Every time I save, I wait 5-10 minutes and save again. Back when I was simply going online, saving, restarting the game and saving again, I had occasions where my cloud save didn't update. I don't think it was related to the cloud problems the other day, as it happened before it messed up. It also doesn't help that I'm very rusty at this game. Haven't played it since last March, and I decided to start the one-life save first.
  7. I am extremely annoyed. I'm trying to do the offline sync trick to get the one life achievement, but twice now I've accidentally clicked Fallout 4 from the main menu instead of Ori. I don't even have the disc in my system. But Fallout 4 tries to load and Ori gets turned off, without warning, and I lose my progress. The system lags whenever I connect or disconnect from the internet, and after connecting, I have to press down to go back to Ori to continue playing. But if I go down too much, due to the lag, I click Fallout instead. This dashboard sucks. Edit: You say to be online during the final sequence. That seems like quite a risk. Wouldn't it be possible to reconnect at the very end of the final sequence, before you trigger the ending?
  8. The new one is for the community to release African Bush Elephants. If I remember correctly, 1,400. Although it unlocked for me when the community totals were at 1,200.
  9. I don't have a headset. Makes me wonder if it would still be possible for people to help me boost some achievements. The rally mode one, for example. If I can't give directions, and the driver can't see which way to go, I don't see how we could win the race. I suppose we'll see how things turn out.
  10. In an interview, they said the Xbox One version of Zoo Tycoon would make strong use of both Kinect and the cloud. If Microsoft wants to show off its toys, it might make sense for them to go with that game. It's also a game that could appeal to casual gamers and sim fans, but I doubt it would do much for the action-adventure crowd.
  11. In accordance with my other thread, any chance it could be Zoo Tycoon? Published by Microsoft, and for some reason no sites in the US seem to be selling it. It's not on Amazon, but it's on Amazon UK. It's not on GameStop. It's not on Walmart. Yet many sites call it a launch title that will be available day one. [ame=http://www.amazon.co.uk/Microsoft-Zoo-Tycoon-Xbox-One/dp/B00D781XQM]I mean, really. If it's on Amazon's UK site, why wouldn't it be on their US site?[/ame] Edit GameStop's UK branch also has Zoo Tycoon on their site, so why not in the US? The plot is thickening.
  12. Does anybody know when this game is coming out? I keep seeing it listed for launch, but neither Amazon or GameStop have it listed on their sites. I don't think they ever had it listed. I'm not even sure if GameStop will let me pre-order it if it isn't on their site, as they won't let me pre-order the Day One Gold Subscription and it's not on their site either.
  13. Anyway, for people who just want to play it, the DLC is back on the marketplace. Who knows how long it will be up there this time.
  14. Wow. If you guys feel that way, then more power to you, but most gamers have felt that they owned their games going back decades and no amount of legalese is going to change that. And any attempt to change that will be met with a reckoning. If you think going digital will change that attitude, it won't. People are still going to want to be in control of the digital goods that they own, which is why they were not at all happy when Microsoft said they could only be given away one time per game. I'm getting sick of this forum. Makes me miss the day it got nuked and every thread was locked. I'm buying the Xbox One, dammit. Yet everybody always treats me like I'm some idiot troll. I have valid concerns about the future of gaming due to where I live, yet people are acting like I shouldn't matter. Well, apparently I do matter. Microsoft changed everything for people like me. I guess that means I matter more. So I'm done with this thread.
  15. If you read what I said, you'd know I was talking about Microsoft's desire for an all-digital future. They say in the interview that they still believe that is the future, and I'm saying that future ain't happening unless they improve the infrastructure. I really don't get why people reply without knowing what they're replying to. I never said that future was now - not that it could be now. I'm talking about their goal. Their goal is unreasonable and is a decade or two away from reality.
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