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  1. If you join his game, you can play around but not earn achievements during the play time. If you save, then you're going to lose the ability to get achievements completely on that save file.
  2. Just tried this and drove around for about 10 minutes. Didn't make the gangs reappear. Edit: Tried it again...and now it is working. So if it doesn't work at first keep trying it out.
  3. The war hero achievement is glitched for me, but the most frustrating has to be The Last Cure, Final Cure, whatever it is. I did all the other Daedric quests, and now this one won't reward me with the item at the end of the quest. Hate glitches like these that ruin achievements.
  4. My thoughts exactly. I was wondering why this was still being discussed with no hard proof and just a vague twitter post as evidence. I'll believe it when I see it.
  5. Just played my first MP since the change...so depressed now. Epic: Remember that Onyx medal for the Sawed Off you were going for? Yeah...fuck that thing.
  6. This is true. Both methods will get you the Onyx medal in the end, but not using Arcade is just silly. It's like being offered $50 for free and refusing.
  7. I went ahead and enlarged all the punctuation in that post. I have no idea what you just said.
  8. I'm in the same boat as Mass. Good idea for a pole though!
  9. So glad to hear this. I'm not some jerk who thinks he never dies and is too good for the game like Rod was saying in the video, but I've never even had a nemesis. Good on them for listening to the community.
  10. I personally find it funny how you reported him for sending a vulgar message AFTER you sent him a message telling him to fuck off.
  11. Not really crazy about buying another season pass, but that's a year away. So as long as the content is good quality, I guess I'll buy. But then again, who needs this many character and weapon skins... they're going a bit overboard here.
  12. Going to the midnight launch and playing from 12:30 AM ish to.....11 PM the next day. It's gonna be my longest gaming marathon ever. Fitting seeing as this will be my first midnight release.
  13. Ah...it's this thread again. I believe the other one got deleted. However, I'll give you the same advice I gave in the deleted thread. Don't Buy Them They're optional. If you don't wanna pay for them, don't buy them.
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