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  1. Hi guys is there a way i can change my gamertag to the correct one? It is displaying my old tag.
  2. anyone else having problems with platinum awards getting stuck and not progressing? I have 4/5 toward platinum for Spinderlla but my progress bar is at 0 and it will not progress despite doing the spins. I have 4/5 toward gold for Flippin Hell and again progress bar stuck at 0 and will not advance. They are stuck on 0 progress and broken. They are also showing as 0 progress but 4/5 on social club. I tried unlinking my profile and relinking and it doesn't fix it. it is glitched. ideas how to fix? I have searched everywhere online and cant find anything.
  3. anyone else having problems with platinum awards getting stuck and not progressing? I have the platinum criteria for the flip one but the bar is on 0 and it is not unlocked. I have 4/5 gold on the spin one and it is stuck on 0 and wont move. ideas?
  4. use the appropriate boosting thread FUCKWITT!!!!!
  5. mate didnt you know 99% of the site is 12 year old kids?!?! lmao ok so wheel of fortune NTSC only jeopardy NTSC only
  6. does anyone know the best way to win slam dunk contest? what are the easiest dunks. someone should do a guide for it
  7. this aint ebay cheap ass idiot
  8. Even for people still playing this game now, I can confirm the strategy order of Poster #9... Did the order below and ended up with 100% Morale. I will say you have to be very quick in all of your battles, know what you are doing and definitely have lightning fully upgraded, although i didn't but it will be much faster if you do...
  9. is there a map anywhere that shows the locations of the outposts for the PR stunts? Need one more but cant find it. Thanks
  10. this guide is really good! thank you so much and thanks for teaching me a ton of stuff i didnt know like save points, pressing A to get up etc, this guide is GREAT.. don't worry about the haters truly, i'll be using both guides, good work yo
  11. where the hell are you :p

  12. don't say what you said at all as it comes across rude. Just tell him how to do what he asked, its pretty simple. "hey guys how do you pause" "oh you have to be in offline mode" rather than "do you think this needs its own thread". what help is that?! its trolling at its finest. but thanks guys for clearing up the pause issue
  13. Thank you all great guide btw for someone who's never played resident evil games
  14. is the only thing with herbs to worry about is that 3 makes 6 and 2 makes 4 (in the greens) and 1 green and 1 red makes 6? are there any other herbs? or combinations? (ive never played resident evil before)
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