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  1. Hello, I was wondering if you still had your save file with 49 raider attacks?

  2. Hi! Would you be kind enough to share your save file with 49 raider attacks? :) thanks for posting!

  3. Same. I doubt they gonna fix it. Achievements still can be earned by unlocking all teams through in-game purchases (it's $2.99). All remaining achievements will pop as soon as you complete one game...
  4. I found pretty cool glitch. You can tackle enemies with right click, which takes time to "reload". But if you switch to another app (or open start menu), game pauses, but cooldown keeps recovering. Use tackle, press alt+tab or win key, wait for a bit, switch back and you can tackle again. Makes game much easier!
  5. Here's descriptions (this is not "predictions", i've pulled them from Steam): Robot Hunter - Unlock 10 Robot Mods The Most Toys - Build 10 Robot Mods Headhunting - Complete "Headhunting" Mechanical Menace - Complete "Mechanical Menace" Restoring Order - Complete "Restoring Order"
  6. Well, if discussing Cheats is fine here... Cheat Engine works fine. There's 3 variables (4 bytes), that tracking your score: First one - your current score on level Second one - same as first one, but it increases with delay, to do animation you see every time, you get points And Third one - amount of points that going to your rank (it doesn't affect anything else and counts separately from your score, so it's not going to leaderboard)! I was rank 14, put 200mil there, and got to rank 100
  7. Check guide on Steam (not mine). Hope it helps...
  8. I just noticed, your review is on steam store page "80/100 "…engaging and enjoyable... promises to be a compelling adventure series. We can't wait for episode 2." - XBOXACHIEVEMENTS" I think, that's pretty cool
  9. i'm done with giving away pets, sorry...
  10. Just kill everything in your sight and use Stomp with Vacuum element to collect dropped money
  11. I had same problem, it was on my map, but it just was so hard to notice. I saw it on my mini-map, when was near it Mine last one was under bridge between Downtown and Forge
  12. Energy Caster in Pistol slot with last upgrade (looks like a Crossbow) p.s. kills must be from lightnings, direct kills doesn't count towards challenge
  13. Yea, you could use closet, and after messing this up, rewind time and this time, move lamp away before opening the closet, because you know what's gonna happen... You just need to think more about your ability to rewind time Manipulating with time it's awesome idea for this type of games. Instead of quick choices in Telltale games, here you can take your time, try every dialogue, every choice, just to see what's gonna happen, and by rewinding time, decide what's better for you...
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