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  1. The demo is local multiplayer only, so not really. Doesn't tell you anything about the actual game.
  2. I guess that's a good idea but that really devalues the loot and the sense of excitement when you get something good. Kinda counterintuitive.
  3. What's funny is that they e-mailed me a key, but I was rejected from the beta forum on their website so I can't actually help with any glitches I find... Okay then.
  4. Yeah, repairing kinda screws you up at least on the early levels. Maybe you'll earn more per fight once you get some more levels under your belt but I'm level 9 and am constantly in the poorhouse due to all the repairing I have to do. It's bringing the game down a little bit for me too. Still a lot of fun to me, but I wish it was a little bit cheaper to repair... I mean, I'm absolutely not going to spend MSP to repair shit. No way. I will probably spend some on acquiring beastly gear I like, since I do enjoy the game and want to reward the devs for it, but I refuse to spend actual money on repairs of digital swords and shit. That's just dumb.
  5. There would almost has to be, depending on how they handle the random attacks on your villages. It would suck for new players to be stormed by beta level 20+ players all day on release day...
  6. All fights give you a perk if you execute the opponent.
  7. The developers actually posted about the double fame this time! Both on Twitter and Facebook. Too lazy to quote but it's there. Anyone been on the game to check if it's actually active yet? Is supposed to start today but of course they don't say in what time zone.
  8. The game doesn't have a separate save file so I would guess that it's having some kind of issue with writing to your profile. Is your gamertag on your HDD? If not, move it there. If it is, try redownloading it.
  9. :ass:ass:ass:ass:ass:ass :ass:ass:ass:ass:ass:ass :ass:ass:ass:ass:ass:ass :ass:ass:ass:ass:ass:ass
  10. I don't understand what some people expected. This is a free-to-play game, the entire business model is designed to entice you to spend money. It's not a dirty business model unless you fall for it and get suckered into spending more money than you should've. I mean, do you people not have some kind of smartphone? There's a billion games like this on there.
  11. Agreed that they're hard, but I actually did level 1 very easily by myself by just sending the AI in first into every room. They're actually pretty competent if you tell them what to do. Just put a marker in the middle of the room and wait outside and they'll run around and take cover and kill all the enemies around them. I think levels 3 and 4 might be similarly easy, with the possible exceptions of the Phase and Blur bosses. The problem is level 2. It's so enormously long and the AI is entirely useless on 2.7. You have to get on the turrets yourself and getting downed there happens so extremely easily... The turret accuracy is way too low to consistently hit the missiles and if one slips past, that's an hour wasted.
  12. Level 2 is seriously pissing me off. That level is definitely "TERRIBLE" 20/100. I just really don't understand why it needed to be 3 hours long. Attempting to beat it without getting downed is exhausting me and making me want my money back. Getting downed by some bullshit 90 minutes into it is the most frustrating thing ever.
  13. The trick is to load up the last checkpoint on Nightmare and just finish the level from there, for anyone wondering. Edit: What we need is a good trick for beating levels without getting incapacitated. That shit is hard even on casual!
  14. The game is not fanstastic but that Gamespot review is a crock, written by someone who doesn't know the genre. LOL at him trying to sound smart by complaining about "bullet spread". It's the hit detection that's wonky, fool. Bullet spread is fine. My main complaint is that there's SO MUCH TALKING and the story isn't interesting at all. Same scifi story we've seen in a billion games. Unknown biological alien threat blah blah blah. I'm sure it's going to end with the shocking revelation that the corporation that hired the good guys actually created the alien threat, GASP! That'd be fine if it was all in skippable cutscenes but half the talking takes place in unskippable gameplay segments. The game needs to shut the fuck up and just let me shoot some aliens.
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