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  1. If anyone is still looking to boost the online achievements on this game, please add me. Gamertag: Block Mate
  2. I quit to the dashboard a few times and re-loaded that save point and it worked, so now I have 100%!
  3. I have completed the game with all arrests, all installed cameras and all active informants. But I've got one location that is glitched and I can't access it. It is inside a garage that won't open: http://i.imgur.com/UGUiT.jpg The location is on the Autobahn, Service Station Midway: http://i.imgur.com/irDkq.jpg Has anyone had this problem? You can see the marker inside the garage if you use the rear view camera when up against it, so I know I'm in the right place - the garage just won't open. So frustrating when this is all I need for the 100% achievement. Can anyone help?
  4. I managed to get into a good 4-6 player deathmatch lobby last night. This game is incredibly good fun online - it's a shame it's so dead.
  5. Same thing happened to me a while ago - no way to get it back. I just finished my solo Legendary run today (woot) and was worrying it would happen again to me before I had finished.
  6. The Madden NFL 11 demo also allows this.
  7. Great work all - was amazed how so many people were on so early! Think I got my achievement at about 17.15GMT, but stayed on until about 19.00 to make sure any latecomers could get the cheev too.
  8. Nice work all. I'll stay online in the Europe lobby for a while to make sure everyone can grab the achievement too.
  9. I will be there with two Gold accounts. Has it been confirmed if multiple Gold accounts on one console count towards the total online yet?
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