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  1. GT: Lucki88 Shadow Character : Spinal
  2. Haha, I was looking for some kind of bandages and didn't even think about rewinding. Thanks for the help
  3. How did you manage to save the bird? Still sad I couldn't help that poor fellow
  4. A few months ago when the game was released on psn, Watermelon told a guy from New Zealand that it's going to take a while in this region because the ratings required are quite expensive and they need to sell a bit before they can afford it. Not sure if this affects Australia as well but thought I'd let you know.
  5. Awesome, this is much better than clicking through the KOEI website. Thanks
  6. So, I just manage to get the Pathological Liar achievement and thought I'd share my list with categories I encountered while going for 100% questions. I think it is faster to choose different categories instead of just letting the game go on its own since there are less questions than categories. But well, to each his own Please let me know if you find any other category. I'm pretty sure there are some more in the game. 44% 8 107 55000 5% more Milk Afghanistan Alexander the Great Alfred America Anal Secretions Annoying Arrested Bad Balls Beans Beer Blake Blowing Board Boats Bolt Bone Boxing Branson Buenos Aires Burning Buttocks Callus Calvary Charles Bukowski Chocolate Chip Citizenship Cockroaches Cruises Crying Denzel Devil Dirty Doo Drain Dresses Drug Cartel Duck DUI E.T. Ear Ebay Ecuador Einstein Erected Facial Field Trip Fighting Fire Fishing Flight Florida Food Forest Founder Gallagher Gang Gift Gin Glastonbury Growlers Gummi Hair Hanging Hash Hip Hitchcock Hour Huggies Hugging Ice Cream Illinois Income India Injured Inventor Iowa Isle of Man Italian Prison Japan Jockey John Larroquette Josh Joy Juno Kevin Spacey Kickstarter Kill Last Lick Lips Magician Married Maryland Mating Mercury Monkey Morocco Mussolini Mustache Nebraska Nepal New Hampshire Norway Oh Orange Oscar Pacific Pants Paris Pepsi Peter Petition Physical Pigs Pile Playtex Police Pope Pius II Portugal Prize Prom Queens Rather Reckoning Record Release Riot Saddam Santa Seizures Sex Shampoo Simmons Skin Smuggle Space Speeding Ticket Spoonful Stabbed Stallone Stonehenge Stress Sundial Supplement Swedish Tara Technology Telemarketers Text Message Tombstone Topeka Translated Urine Vacations Vending Machine Village Voucher Warns Wax Weapons Wine Wrote Yelling
  7. Is there a way to do dojo with other characters, than just Jago, as well?
  8. Can someone please tell me which snail has its level 3 tuneups in Dos Bros Tacos except for Turbo. I have 76/77 objectives done and I don't want to collect all of the level 2 tuneups for every single snail. Thanks. Edit: Nevermind, Turbo and Skidmark are the only ones who need all level 2 tuneups if you are going for the "The Whole Enchilada" on Dos Bros Tacos
  9. Don't know if you guys already know but the Diamond Cup achievement and those for gold, silver and bronze are not connected. You can get the Diamond Cup achievement by rescuing all teensies from the paintings. But for the bronze, silver and gold addict achievement you need the gold cups from lums. So for the full 1k gs you'll have to get both, the lums gold medal and the teensie gold cup.
  10. Howdy Lucki.


    Just letting you know your G&R for The Harvest just went live.


    ~Live Long and Prosper~

  11. Howdy Lucki.


    I'm just letting you know your G&R for Island of Wakfu just went live on x360a! Awesome work.


    ~Live Long and Prosper~

  12. yeah right it always goes down by 2 Edit 1: i just reached 1500 but not achievement unlocked Edit 2: In order to unlock the achievement just play a skill match game and surrender
  13. I just found out that you need more dummy accounts. One account can't go under 798 points. You can earn around 215 points from each account you beat down to 800.
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