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  1. Just started this game, looking for people to boost the multiplayer achievements because I assume it is pretty dead online.
  2. Need people for the Shangri-La Easter Egg. I know all the steps and have done it before on Black Ops 1 but I need three other people to get it done with.
  3. I started this game about a month ago and got all of the achievements and I didn't have a single issue unlocking any of them. The game has been out for almost three years now so I think it's safe to assume they fixed the glitchy achievements. I have yet to start the DLC but I haven't found anybody complaining about the achievements not unlocking, just certain ones for the vanilla game. For anyone reading this and debating on playing this game, I highly recommend it. It is a great game.
  4. I opened about 3000 bronze motherboxes yesterday and got 40 abilities but none of them were Cat Call. After downloading this patch and opening my third gold motherbox I got it! Not sure if I was extremely lucky or if they made abilities or at least Cat Call easier to obtain. Seems like they changed abilities from common tier to epic tier as well. Strange how they didn't mention it in the patch notes. Since they raised the bronze motherbox price to 5000 and you only get two items per box and epics are quite rare, I'd say silver or gold are the best option now. Good luck to anyone trying to get this achievement. Definitely one of the most annoying luck-based achievements I have ever seen.
  5. I didn't get it the first time I ran through the campaign in co-op. However, I did swap it to Marcus after freeing him from his pod and immediately swapped it back after realizing that wasn't how to get the achievement. I got it during my collectibles playthrough, though it wasn't all in one go. I saved and quit and resumed multiple times and still got the achievement.
  6. Of course not. Versus would be absolutely broken if they did that. They are for Horde mode only.
  7. They really changed the way drafting works in this game compared to the previous installment. I used to get hundreds and hundreds of perfect drafts on Forza 5 just by driving relatively behind the driver in front of me. Now, they are a very rare occurrence. I've only gotten a half-dozen or so drafts and I noticed you have to literally be touching the rear of the car in front of you for a while before you are given a perfect draft. I feel like it only works in cars that are pretty fast, too, at least A class and above.
  8. If it's a costume you can't buy from any vendors post-game, then unfortunately you have to start a new playthrough and get all of the costumes again. I forgot to befriend Clyde at the beginning of the game and I missed one of the chinpokomons on the alien ship on a different playthrough so I feel your pain.
  9. http://www.gamecentar.rs/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/dark-souls-3-xbox-one-omot-igrica-1.jpg Terrific game, having a lot of fun PvPing so there is a lot of replay value. Plus I can't wait for the upcoming DLC.
  10. Sounds like a lot of people struggled with this. I personally breezed through all of the puzzles in about half an hour and I don't even consider myself good at puzzles/building-block games. Hell, I haven't even played Minecraft yet. The last puzzle gave me a little trouble though. The part where you had to make your own pathway to the bottom of a structure had me bewildered for a bit. Overall I had no issue with this portion of the DLC. I thought it was a neat addition to an already enjoyable add-on.
  11. You can't trade covenant offerings.
  12. Yes, you can. I know certain accolades you can get cooperatively while others you must do yourself.
  13. The Warrior of Sunlight covenant and the Mound-Makers covenant are in the Undead Settlement. http://darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com/Young+White+Branch
  14. From the main menu or during the game, go to system and scroll over to Network. From there, your settings should look like this: - Cross-region play = Matchmaking ON -Password Matching = No Password -Summon sign visibility = Unrestricted -Voice Chat = Allowed/Restricted -Launch Setting = Play Online In order to find your co-op partner(s) easier, set a matching password. I usually go with a letter or a number and my partner's sign is immediately visible. There is a level restriction unless you use the password matching system. Apparently, from what I've read, the phantoms you summon have equal attack power as the host of the game. I personally haven't tried dropping any items in a friend's world but I will edit my post when I try it.
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