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  1. People who have ridiculous gamertags (XZI SnIpeZz v xixix) and people who try to justify every single death for example (aw he cheated!, aw aimbot, aw im lagging etc)
  2. Oblivion, games on the N64 amazed me with their graphics at the time but playing oblivion blew me away
  3. Call Of Duty 4! Shame I only got it after black ops was out
  4. Oh my.. Next time get someone who actually knows his stuff
  5. Looks great but The Dark Knight Rises will be the superhero movie of next year.
  6. Is this game downloadable or is it a disc? either way it looks fantastic
  7. This just looks so fantastic, i can't wait to play it and hopefully there is more than 3 factions/Guilds
  8. Fixed itself after a while, strangely reloading my save the first time didn't work Had to reload it 3 or 4 times for it to work.
  9. On chapter 13 shortly after the laser room, There is a section where you have to fight many many necromorphs then go down a ramp like tunnel. Strangely the floor is not spawning for the second ramp like tunnel and if you try to walk on it then Isaac just falls through the map and dies This is on my Zealot run through and reloading the save did not work and I really do not want to have to play through the whole game on Zealot again. Has this happened to anybody else? If so what did you go to get it to work properly.
  10. Haven't seen you around in a long time! How have you been good sir? Happy Birthday!

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