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  1. sure, here you go ;)


  2. haha xD

    np dude ;b

  3. Hello, yet im done with another request from you, found another image of this talented dancer, hope you like it, just tell me if there is something that needs to be changed :)



  4. Hello, I'm done with your request, hope you like it, give a call if you think there needs changes :D





  5. Np mate, glad you like it ;)

  6. This is against the rules, just to let you guys know. MSP generators are pure BS.
  7. I dont think its hacked, just some error or patching i think
  8. Same here, wonder whats going on
  9. haha, yeah we don't, but happy July the 4th anyway :)

  10. Hey mate, i worked on 2 tags, was not sure with the first one, then i made another one, so it's up to you to chose which one you want, you can also keep both if you want lol ;b





  11. And I'm done, any changes let me know, hope you like 'em :)


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  12. Ok thanks for the heads up Nozza :b

  13. I got the Spec-ops and the Doom pack Pretty cool i guess :b
  14. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=310076
  15. Hmm... that's wierd, maybe it glitched on you, i can't tell :/
  16. It has to be in one combo, did you do this? and yes, i did it in versus with an extra controller
  17. How To get Platinums 'For Whom the Bell Tolls' achievement, where you have to deal over 5000 dmg. In a single combo: 1. Get yourself set up with an oponent or extra controller, start an versus match. (Platinum needs to be in her Unlimited form) 2. Get your Heat Gauge up to about 50-100% 3. 236236 + D 4. Press D (she needs to have her 'bear staff' or 'Love Hammer' activated, do this by pressing 6+D/8+D) 5. It's raining teddy bears! Keep on mashing D for an extra effect. Achievement unlocked
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