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  1. Confirrrrmed, just got the solo-achievement. This will probably be a bitch for the majority of players cause you'll need a lot of skills and LUCK to get both of the specialguns and none of them are very good in close combat with hordes of zombies. Good luck all!
  2. Ok. I know what to do with the green light. I managed to die halfway through the process but I'll tell you anyways so consider me very nice! When the green light is lit you need the upgraded VR-11. Then you lead some zombiefuckers into the lighthouse and shoot them with the VR. They will then run into the green light and get sucked up and then out to the submarine. Makes sense I think because probably a submarine needs someone to drive it(?). Although I do not know how many guys you need to warp over there but maybe 5-8? What happens next is probably the end of it... or something. All creds to me!
  3. After you destroy the generators and go back to the door for the next assignment there will be a flashing light far away that will make some kind of sound, it goes like "duh.. duh duh..... duh" and so on. Maybe every string of "notes" corresponds to a number for the timers in the lighthouse that you can spin. I suspect it has something to do with the golden rod because it starts as soon as you are done with the generators.
  4. I'm not trying to brag but i'm prettyg good at zombies and have found the method to hypotetically make it to round 1000+ if possible. The BIG problem though is that you need to be atleast 2 ppl to make a mark on the leaderboard. The ideal is to find just one more player as the rounds will go much quicker and we'll to the kite-method. If you're not familiar with it then dont bother with contacting me. Things that occur VERY often when i'm playing with other that fucks up the game is: "Ray-Gun!!! Ray-GUN!! I Want the ray-gun, i dont care if i die. I want the ray-gun" - Standing and camping at the box and while hordes of zombies are up your ass is not the way to go. "UUuuhuuuuhh.. I died u didnt revive me. I lost me ray-gun.. Im quitting now bye" - Go fck urself u little 5 year old. Yes, the Ray-Gun will make the rounds go even faster but it is possible without it. So, if you wanna do the kite with me and make it atleast lvl 50 or until we get tired of it and can face the fact that revive isnt always the best option because 90% of the times ive died it has been while ive tried to revive someone. My criterias for playing with you are: Can make it on your own, kiting the zombies, and when we're in the later rounds when ammo is empty, being able to run back and forth through the traps. In other words: being PATIENT. Not quitting if you die and not getting revived. As long as you get the juggernaut you will make the next round and can buy at the end of next round. Guns dont really matter at the later rounds. I will understand if you wont revive me if im down. this will probably just happen if we're out of ammo for the gersh/ thundergun. Ok, maybe i sound like a douche and a little to selfconfident mofo but this is how i experience it. If your good and wanna get far in zombies (preferably ascension) add me (GT: ULWEN) and we'll make it faaaar See ya!
  5. 1. Buy REVIVE 2. Survive 4-6 waves and take elevator to the basement. 3. When the lights are switching colors and a voice starts speaking, cook grenade and blow urself. 4. Kill thief
  6. Hi. Im feed up with this laggy MP. Currently level 29. Anyone else who wanna do this quickly? Just add me. GT: ULVEN FTW
  7. Ok, ill post again. I know this game is really old but i still believe there is someone out there who wanna boost these achievements? =) If we play effective from scratch i think we could get them all in about 6-8 hours. Is there anyone? Come on now!
  8. Hey, Ill be online all day probably. add me if you wanna boost them all
  9. Im online now and a couple hours more. Add me and lets do this
  10. Now Ive completed every level and will start with the A-ranks. At first I thought this game would be hard but its just a matter of repetition. Watch a Ytube-vid for 30 times, play the level 30 times then youll probably get it.
  11. Mins is bigger than yours. Ill be online all day
  12. Im kind of a achievementwhore when it comes to difficult games. Just got 200G in Zuma which not many players has and now Ive started with Ikaruga. Im tired of paying 800MS for games you complete in like 1hour. I want some value and playtime för the money, seems like Ikaruga will deliever, it is kinda hard but like you said - practice and patience!
  13. Yes I know but if you look at the amount of time you have to put in respective game to achieve 200. I do believe they have some similarities like the ability to quickly adjust to colors and the fast-thinking gameplay.
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