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  1. Just to make sure, does delisting the game mean we won't be able to play on LIVE anymore? It's 5$ now, but not really worth a buy if I can't play it online... On a side note, is it still active online? If yes, I'm assuming only hardcore super good players left, but that's better than nobody
  2. Send invite\fr for dlc boosting - will get champion bundle on black friday, and need 2 dlc achievements (air kill with warthog, and assassinate enemy ising shield) Can help with other achievements.
  3. I'm in the same boat as TC, so thanks. Kind of off-topic, should I throw down ammo and first aid bags also?
  4. Thinking about getting it if I can find it cheap. How dead is it online?
  5. Got the game, not sure about the dlc. Still easy to find a game or dead?
  6. Wanna boost all vs achievement. Will be on until I get them so send msg and fr if interested
  7. The achievement doesn't seem to unlock for me. I've been using the khamelion I got with the CE. Did anyone unlock the achievement using the Khamelion?
  8. Need the "full refund" achievement. Will be on in about an hour and hope to do it fast. Will reciprocate. Send msg or fr to coordinate
  9. Hoping to find organized players to have fun once gtao lauches. If ur a zombie fan (CoD, Dead Rising, Lollipop) or in Montreal (English & French) all the better! Send FR, and I'm open to crews (but not discused here - against forum ToS)
  10. This is really the first time there is any use for that app (and I say that having a wp...)
  11. I played both. There are some issues, but MoH mp is still very fun. Most of the bad reviews were done before the 3gb patch & HD texture pack.
  12. Seems like kills done in a game you retire from don't appear on the website. Just curious. If you retire, do those kills still count towards the 10k achievement? BTW, the app is pointless for re:r
  13. just curious, I've got the ce preordered 'cause I want the digital stuff. How likely am I to be able to sell the cap & bag on ebay?
  14. I got my ce at ebgames. amazon ony has the special edition at the moment. The seal might be legit after all... Just check, and seems like the ce is sold out at eb...
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