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  1. BTW... is anyone working on a "Roadmap & Achievement Guide" for this game? I'm sure it'll be tricky, since it's MMORPG... but even a "work in progress" model would be nice! Roadmap Time to 1000 The rest of your fucking life
  2. Cheers for the info pal The grouping seemed to work ok
  3. These Megaservers have I got it right? I thought that all XB1 players played on the same server ( Europe or the USA ) So.....If both me and my friend are on the same server ( USA ) and in the same place at the same time how come we can not see each other? I thought that all the players were on the same server at the same time? You also can not invite players into your game as it just says " added to the game " but they still don´t show up. I know the game is new but does anyone have any ideas? Cheers PTS100
  4. 11 Hours and 57 Minutes to go
  5. Yeah it´s not great. To download the game just take your XB1 of the internet so it then has to install it from the disk not the server....it still takes about a hour but not the lifetime it takes from the server It took over 3 hours to install the 15GB update and I have about 12MB internet Oh and after the 15GB update there is another but its only about 300MB. I´m sat here now looking at it but the servers are not online yet Roll on 12.01 tomorrow night.
  6. Wait for it.......................Yes it needs a update and it´s 15GB It seems every game I play on the XB1 is the same
  7. Installing my copy right now
  8. Hi Scotty, No need for the disclaimer I´m not going to sue you And....You are right I have just gone back to him restarted and completed the quest Cheers Pal PTS100
  9. I´m not sure but I would think not. I´m not sure when the quest was triggered If it could still be done it would just be a quest but it has a red X and failed next to it.
  10. I was just playing through the game with 3 pals not really stressed about the achievements as I thought you could not miss any. On checking my missions I have failed " Claptrap's Birthday Bash " I presume this will stop me getting the achievement " Did it All " Do the side missions have to be completed on the same playthrough? Cheers
  11. Where do you find the start to this mission as it is not marked on my map. I have completed memory 5. It is showing on my map but it is underground I think Cheers Problem solved
  12. They sure are...To be honest I´m not sure they will ever fix all the bugs in the game. It´s a shame as well as I really like the game
  13. Update installed but I can´t see what has changed. Challenges still offline Stats still messed up Not sure if they have fixed the server issue ( disconnecting all the time ) but I will let you know later
  14. We are in a crew of 3 as of today and need a 4th crew member for the achievements ect You can add me if you want to join We are playing XB1 not 360
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