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  1. They're charging 70 euros for the 360 version as well, that's the same price as a X1 copy new in store. Just trying to rip as much cash as they can, digital is the future, woohoo.
  2. Great info. Saving my money for another game.
  3. No fees, just local and online co-op from 1-4 players. It looks better than PSU though. It comes with the latest add-on RoS which is almost an overhaul of the game itself. Must-buy but not an MMO type of game, very loot heavy.
  4. Here's a top 5 reason why you should play this: http://www.vgamerz.com/bound-by-flame-5-reasons-why-you-should-play-this-game/ Looks bribed, lol.
  5. Vigor

    Booster Pack DLC

    I noticed that all skills have 3 levels to be upgraded except for the ones that have booster packs on the Xbox Store, you can choose to pay 1 dollar to have these skills raised to level 3 like the rest of the skills that don't have booster packs. Can I say.. Wow..?
  6. They can release and charge for all the irrelevant bullshit but where's the freeze fix or the fix to get your tag linked to their shitty website? These greedy fucks found their match at DS.
  7. They canned 2 planned dlc projects for Skyrim to focus on ESO, right?
  8. He threw in the 4 year old story to get an "awwww" right after the "retard!" part. We're paying for it somehow, innit?
  9. Vigor


    Sure. Let MS figure out how to solve the problem. They will attach a pricetag for the effort. I swear anything attached to 505 is half assed effort with no support in the planning. Considering the punctuality and thieving bills on updates from MS, 2014 with no estimated date. Oh look.. another BF4 update.. just saying.
  10. Vigor


    PS3 got their 4.2gb patch today. I guess we will get it somewhere in 2014 due to bullshit filesize restrictions by MS. Tired of this waiting game.
  11. Vigor


    These guys are full of shit making all kinds of YAWNs and NOPEs. Just tell them to fuck off. These fucks didn't port this game and are obviously clueless.
  12. This is a great Deal of the Week and I'm glad I waited a bit more for this. Saints Row IV is 50% off with a bunch of DLC at 33% off. http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Saints-Row-IV/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8024b4d07f6?noSplash=1
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