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  1. I'd love me some exclusive achievements. It'd help push people to Win10 as it's becoming a norm for gaming with it's other Win10 games.
  2. I can validate the asskicking. Damn that keep away game...It was too strong for my in close strategy. Good luck Jakez and anyone facing him.
  3. Thanks for everything Shinobi and congratulations Barad
  4. Wish I'd be able to have a shot at this award as I'm practically having blood drawn almost 2 times a week. Now the problems lies is that the blood being drawn can't be used to benefit the greater good. I have a rare form of cancer that affects my blood at the pallet level. So while I'd be able to "give" blood, it's not in the sense that this award symbolizes as it can't be used. So cheers to all that can give for the greater good.
  5. Ooooh. A tourney that I can truly compete in and based on the posts so far, I might have a good shot at it. Sign me up.
  6. http://im3.trueachievements.com/imagestore/thumbs/0001824600/1824642.png Elements: Epic Heroes http://im2.trueachievements.com/imagestore/thumbs/0001834000/1834001.png Ridiculous Marathon Both free. Also looks like you're still missing http://im5.trueachievements.com/imagestore/thumbs/0001787700/1787794.png Runemals
  7. Ugh. I must've completely looked over that. Thanks. Not sure if it was answered. Now say we sign up for a Max Club and end up in a spotlight position. Do you get both the +1 for signing up and the +5 for being in said position or just the +5?
  8. What are you guys using to track all of this? I'll probably take a shot of this since I've barely touched the Clubs and it'll be some incentive to actually get it done along with getting active again on the site. Been absent for a while, stupid life and work. But with all the methods of potential points, it's seems like a massive undertaking. Just curious is all.
  9. I know it's been a bit since the last response but this THE place to go for covers. I've been slowly casing all my old cartridge based games and this has been my godsend for the entire thing. I've even started casing and printing covers for Dreamcast games when converting them from CD jewel cases to DVD cases. So give this place a try. http://www.thecoverproject.net/ EDIT: Hmmm, just noticed the XBox One cover selection is slim.
  10. Red Stripe Deals is still a thing just there haven't been any Xbox Live enabled games in the line up.
  11. There hasn't been any Xbox Live enabled game deals in a while. The last "deal" was some Gametroopers games at .99 but that was an independent sale. There was also that .10 Black Friday Windows 10 sale, both Halos were on sale which was a cross buy for Windows Phone, but aside from that...it's been bleek.
  12. Ugh. I'm so tempted to join. With work, I've built up quite an impressive backlog that I've been itching to go through, but it's that work that will keep me away plus some key heavy hitter games that'll not have be as active, unless I change up things. Decisions, decisions.
  13. The achievements actually have been fixed and while they are a pain in the ass, perseverance will help.
  14. Fair warning. Doodle God Blitz has 2 unachieveables at the moment and the What in the World? achievements aren't on Xbox Live yet.
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