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  1. http://www.n4g.com/gaming/News-497877.aspx I know its a weird trailer but i think it's legit.
  2. BS confirmed. Face it you dont have the game and unless you have a pic with your name or something else beside it no one will believe you.
  3. you do realize thats not hard to find at all And to the guy who says he has stadium events I call major BS lol
  4. lol at least microsoft is being different, you get to you use your whole body so it actually looks like you're doing something and not positioning your legs in some stupid squatting stance while you wiggle your arms around.
  5. lookin to boost ranks gamertag: liddd
  6. Did that Apoch guy really steal your Microsoft points? That sucks if it's true.

  7. It feels like an expansion? THE GAME ISNT EVEN OUT YET
  8. I am Bad company is unachievable for people who need or have already gotten top squad wildcard as their last award. SUPERNEWBY no longer fixes the achievement for you anymore.
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