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  1. I was very pleasantly surprised by that! I'd made up my mind if the first episode didn't do it for me i was finished watching the show after last season showed signs of having run out of purpose. The double death and awesome comic book ending for the second really pulled it out the bag. Roll on next week
  2. Uplifting music from Soul Khan [ame] [/ame]
  3. Here's my penny's worth: Positives The inclusiveness was great and even if there were more sign ups than actual competitors that is a sign of more members wanting to be involved. The genres will have affected some people so naturally some won't have the opportunity to score in every round. I don't think making it more exclusive makes any sense. I don't tend to post much or participate in all the events as it feels like a bit of a closed shop so this was a refreshing change of style. Negatives It was all over a bit quickly! I like the suggestions on a ratio being used to determine number of completions per team based on the amount of team members. General Comments I appreciated Dirty's efforts with the social group and sending PMs, it definitely gave me a bit of a jump start to get involved, so cheers mate. It's a shame it caused some animosity but having been blissfully unaware at the time i can't claim it affected me. I would prefer as a team everyone was involved and i personally have never had an issue interacting with Jakez or Lav. Maybe i'm just a hippie I absolutely agree with this - never change the rules mid-tourney. Having been disadvantaged by this in the past it did affect my level of participation in events since. That said, i appreciate the amount of effort the staff put into this, both hosting and competing. For me this was a light-hearted and fun competition and whetted my appetite for gaming more, so anything that can be done to improve the format while maintaining that vibe would be appreciated. Naturally i don't like the idea of knocking out team members or a preliminary round as these are counter-intuitive to my feeling of what this type of event was and could evolve further into.
  4. GT:andydubyew Game: 1680 The Moon Final Achievement: Brighter than sunshine Total Completions round 2: 2
  5. GT: andydubyew Games: Nutjitsu Final Achievements: Grand Ninja Total: 1
  6. Same here. I knew i was really busy at work so i couldn't do too much this round. I kept track of the scores in case i needed to step it up. Apologies for the big fat zero, site team!
  7. Loved the Big Bill Broonzy, thanks Mr Cheeks! I've been listening to all types of stuff lately, we've actually had a summer in England this year so i like to get in the car and have a sing song. On that note [ame] [/ame] [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PujxA-n7_Q[/ame]
  8. Thanks for the reminder message Dirty. Rallying the mob
  9. I'm a bit late, i know, but another Murakami fan! Whoop! I liked Hard Boiled Wonderland but it wasn't my favourite, i'm still drawn to a Wild Sheep Chase and Dance Dance Dance. I started Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki a few days ago and intend on reading it over the holiday weekend.
  10. Hats off to you, RD! Having witnessed the GSL scores he puts up this was only a matter of time
  11. Rugby 2015. It's really easy but really boring!
  12. Oh it's definitely worth watching. That corridor scene is just amazing:eek:
  13. Deadpool 7.5/10 If you're as bored of rehashed superhero films as i am this comes as a bit of a relief. It's funny, fast paced and doesn't take itself seriously. From what i hear it doesn't totally shit on the canon either, although that stuff doesn't concern me greatly anyway
  14. I'd participate in either, but my preference is towards the first tourney format, Cutthroat. http://i.imgur.com/Gm6pr7d.gif
  15. Same here in terms of knowledge of the US legal system, although it did cause me to read up a little so i understood some of the process more on reflection. Oh, the kid's trial was definitely one of the most saddening parts. He needed protection and his defense worked to get him convicted. Then his own team didn't show that part of the 'confession' tape.... unreal. He even asked when he could go as he had to hand a project in at school! It was such a systematic failing of a vulnerable person way out of their depth. In terms of the Uk/US justice systems i can't make any informed statements comparing/contrasting, but there have of course been many widely publicised failings here too. The "Birmingham Six" being one from my city when i was a kid.
  16. Has anyone watched this? If you haven't this is your SPOILER ALERT.... Info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Making_a_Murderer I finished the series on Sunday and the whole thing left me feeling really upset with what is done in the name of justice and the mechanisms that court systems use. How accurate a picture it paints is hard to truly say, but there appears to be more than a few holes in the evidence in the 2nd case along with the horrific coercing of Brendan Dassey. The 2 detectives who forced his nonsense statement should have been put away forever for their role in the conviction. It's beyond abuse of power and perverse. Even more worryingly the lack of appetite to review or even consider the possibility of a miscarriage of justice shows how the system is set up to get a conviction closed for good and not prove guilt or innocence. Even with the high profile of Avery. Usually shows like this are cases from 30 or 40 years ago, and we get the "my! how things have changed" ending but this current. I wish it wasn't such gripping viewing but i would still highly recommend the documentary. Be good everyone, and don't upset the police
  17. General Levy keeping it hype while i'm working out. Puuuuuull up! [ame] [/ame]
  18. Congrats to the Mozzies! I thought the Finn's would have this from the off given their track record and it's crazy to see how close it was. Also Redemption has to get a mention for putting on that score. Unreal:eek:
  19. Excuse my lack of scoring, i've been away with work/hectic week. Back on it this weekend cap'n! http://i.imgur.com/fp22Koy.gif
  20. I'm hoping i'll have crammed enough in beforehand that i'll have the desire/ability to play other games by then! It's so beautiful...
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