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  1. I tried using the session feature but it appears to be broken. I'm trying to get 8 people together for this quick multiplayer achievement. Any takers?
  2. Not sure if I did something wrong, but in the after story, this dialogue option never comes up: 美希 I don't know what's up, I've gone from the beginning of the after story about 5 times. It was accurate all the way up until the previous choice: お礼にミニ電マ (91.984% / 84.426%) After that choice, I get 5 different choices that are nowhere near what the guide tells me to pick. I had the same percentage the entire way through the game as well. There are about 4 or 5 choices that never come up because of this problem.
  3. Anyone have this and is willing to sell? Sorry for the bump, I can't find it anywhere.
  4. I was on the level Polis, I was right in the beginning and I was buying health packs and filters, and I was getting no progress towards the achievement "Metro Trader". However, I went to the other vendor and bought a weapon upgrade THEN it gave me progress. I then spammed the A button on one attachment and it eventually popped.
  5. I've got a nice 1974 green MGB, so I almost do if you count the MGB-GT. My dad has a 1967 Pontiac Tempest which is unfortunately not in the game. I'm hoping for them to be DLC in Forza 5!
  6. http://www.gamersspot.com/?controller=news&op=view-news&news_id=93886 If this is true, then will the Xbox version have 8 discs or something? Because Blu-Ray discs are pretty big to begin with.
  7. Some other good ones: Welcome to the Family by Avenged Sevenfold (160 mp) Henchmen Ride by Testament (160 mp) Hypnotize by System of a Down (160 mp) Aerials by System of a Down (160 mp) Two Weeks by All That Remains (160 mp) The Trooper by Iron Maiden (160 mp)
  8. Oh wow, I picked the one in quckplay, not really thinking that it could have made a difference, and i did play the entire setlist through so I guess it would be from selecting it in quickplay. Guess I'm going to have to do it again . But thank for the realization
  9. Okay, I just did the entire endless setlist, with out no-fail on guitar. And it did not unlock!!! :mad::mad::mad: anyone want to explain what i could have done wrong?? Please?
  10. Damn, they played with the lights on at the end for us too, but no argument haha.
  11. Well, not only does the guitar act as a real midi guitar, but it is also, 50 bucks less than a beginner guitar. Both my beginner guitars were $200. Also, my good guitar was like $800 with over 20% off. So i'd say it's worth it for a guitar that can play Rock Band and play as a real instrument. I despise people who insist that everyone just go and buy a real instrument. It's a game, stuff isn't expected to be real, and not everyone is going to conform to your choices/beliefs. Like many others have referenced, I'm reminded of this: I totally agree, I have a midi keyboard so I just have to buy the adapter, so that saves me some money Yes, it will be a very good learning tool to learn chords, notes songs and maybe even scales.
  12. That is true, but they used the same boats, and some tracks have the same names from the original, which I love . Hahaha I didn't even know it was on N64, I had it on PS1.
  13. I bought mine from Gamestop, and they just ran out of codes. They said they would call me when they got some in. No call yet. Also, to boot, my game had a broken case. I was extremely mad at them.
  14. I would imagine so, since the helicopter has the same mini-guns that turrets have or the ones you can carry around. Although I imagine that being harder then just spawning with one at night in unity heights and just unloading on a huge group of freaks. Either way though, good luck with the achievement .
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