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  1. Reddit is saying Japan has Zoo Tycoon for XB1 for 2nd half of June.
  2. Thanks...didnt know Honk Kong did $s. Decided to just buy on the Japan MP though to avoid two foreign Xbox gift card purchases. Chaos;Child kept asking for a credit card though. Kinda pissed me off, but read somewhere that the digital copy does that. /sigh. Got Psycho-Pass though then used the balance to get Unmechanical and Earth Wars JP versions
  3. Am I doing something wrong? The Psycho Pass game is showing as $351 regular? And $87 on sale!!? I only changed my location...other stuff is english still... is that still yen then and the $ is showing since I have english selected? Hoping thats not already converted to usd...
  4. There is also the chance that one achievement glitches.... Seems to vary on the achievement, but majority of people have one not pop. A guy on TA wrote the devs and said they DON'T plan to fix it. (But never know what the future holds).
  5. Anyone know the games for Windows 10 that are on sale? And possibly Win 8 / Win Phone if any? These games are the hardest for me to find on the stupid Windows marketplace or xbox site... I typically have to go through and search each game to see if it's on sale =/ Unless they just haven't added the 'Black Friday' section to Windows marketplace yet.
  6. When looking on XB1, you do see your lifetime achievements. Just like when looking on xbox.com. Now, if you went to 360, you'd only see gs unlocked on everything pre-XB1. They use a different XBL architecture or something I think. Anyway, the difference is more, so it'd be due to the WP achievements I'm sure. Don't waste time worrying about it =p
  7. Well, if the guys pays you to change your GT. Then it's okay. Basically, you change your GT, freeing up the name he wants and then he changes his to the GT he's 'paying you for'. You don't really sell your account. I don't know if there's a waiting period on the GT being freed up though or if it can be taken right away...
  8. As for referrals, I think I've had that happen once.... I think someone on my friends list upgraded to XB1 from it. I typically try the referrals thing periodically. I don't think I've seen the referral for Gold to actually go through though. I also find it worth my time. Of course, it does depend on the person. It is geared highly towards digital content. They've had a long running $15 rebate on physical copies from MS store though which I've done for a lot of new games. It seems to be for people who are actively looking for deals. I mean, I know Amazon Prime members get 20% off new titles currently. This beats out that $15 rebate on physical copies for anything above standard editions. I also don't do EVERY 'mission' (or deal) that rewards has going on. I do the ones that have good returns. Since games go on sale, or drop in price, quickly these days....that initial savings is typically less. It all comes down to knowing the program, other deals, and personal preferences as to if this is for everybody or not. I use to frequent the forums and assist people with questions. A lot of people just don't read the FAQs at all it seems and think they're entitled to rewards 100% from the start. The fact is, unless you know the specific deals going on...you'll basically get rewards from purchases. On top of that, your rebates on purchases are scaled based on your 'Star' ranking which is based on how much you spend in the xbox marketplace. So, in the beginning...you get like 1% or 2% only (as a gold member).
  9. As of today (08/01/2016), I finished one playthrough and started a second on the same profile. Achievements seem to carry over for playthroughs. I missed the first 'tidy up' option in mission 2 the first go around. Second playtrhough, the final 'tidy up' achievement popped. I also popped the Medium Donkey (for four mistakes) on the second mistake during the second playthrough. **Edit** Did some testing for possibly choosing 'mistakes' (for donkey achievements) and quiting / restarting. Did not seem to work. At least stats carry over playthroughs (if you select the same profile on main menu).
  10. I saw a bundle with Halo 5 and Halo MCC for $55. I saw it under upcoming releases I think, but it had the price listed for purchase.... **Edit** It's under 'New Releases' actually and on sale for $55 (down from $110). When checking for this update, it came up as 'unavailable' - but then I closed the 'games' page and re-entered the 'new releases' and it now shows the price again. FYI in case people encounter an 'unavailable' for price.
  11. I read the Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is digital only - except in Japan... May be helpful to add for others. I know you can just import it, but for those who don't want to import / can't afford it, knowing that information might be useful. Up to mod / OP though! I figured I'd glance through and see what's all digital-only before this sale ends and didn't find that title on Gamefly's site, but didn't see it listed. So looked at the game's forums section and saw a post regarding all that info. Going to hold off though, since the DmC bundle is on sale and the other title has a physical copy here in the States. ...and sorry if it's been mentioned. I'm just checking quick before going to bed - which the sale will be done when I get up for work
  12. Was this actually released in US for 360? I can't find it anywhere.... Just want to verify before buying XB1 EU copy. Would rather buy 360 copy at the same time if that was EU release only as well. **Edit** Found it is PAL only in Easy Completions thread. Didn't se it notated in Stackable Games thread though.
  13. Just wondering if anyone else is getting the message indicating servers aren't available when doing community levels? Want to try and verify if it's me / a few people who experience it or everyone... Will try reaching out to support after work tomorrow morning most likely. **11/03/15 Update** I did e-mail support. They responded saying that there did seem to be an issue with their server (I only mentioned XB1 - not sure if it's cross platform or not). Their IT guy would have to look into it, but he is out of the office currently. **11/04/15 Update** Checked today and Community Levels are available again.
  14. The other two DLC are for Darksiders II as well. Those are not included in the Season Pass. If you weren't aware... or possibly already have them.
  15. There are actually 2 regions for XB1 - Region Free (NTSC/PAL?) & Chinese... Since the 360 games are region locked: I would assume that backwards compatibility would then work for Canada systems for NTSC and PAL games. Japanese games (J-NTSC) would most likely run on the XB1 Chinese region system. I'm not 100% sure though....hopefully someone can be more sure. I'm going based on the 'stackable gamerscore' thread. Might be more information in the 'backwards compatibility' thread though. Personally, I don't see region locked games becoming region free for backwards compatibility reasons. It'd mean having to make some games available multiple times since some have various versions for regions. Another note to consider though, is they actually have to add those games at some point. I haven't read too much into the backwards compatibility stuff though. I'm not sure if they plan to make all games available or just most. I know they were talking of adding a lot in the months to come.....
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