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  1. Thank you so much, just got it! Also was easier than ever to just make a new account because of the ability to just switch region (which I never thought of before). No address needed, no nothing. Makes me wonder if I've missed anything over the years like this (I have gotten a decent number of freebies from accounts otherwise though )
  2. I started to play this game again, and I was wondering if this still works? I would think it does, and the way it would sync would be through WBID, but on the official site, it is only showing my GFWL account and not the F2P Steam account. I am getting 20,000 XP from restarting the game though, so that's something.
  3. Has Fable The Journey been tested for being region free? Noticed that it's pretty cheap on the Hungarian marketplace.
  4. The original BlazBlue is also only 400 MSP on the Hungarian marketplace. Tempted to buy that and Dodonpachi Resurrection, just need a few more MSP!
  5. When did Bullet Soul change from region free? I was looking forward to buying it...
  6. Oh, cooll, thanks! And does anybody know if the 800 MSP codes from a retail store like Best Buy are also region free?
  7. Is there any benefit to this one over the Hungarian account? Pretty awesome to see it for $5! Any idea on how long with will be on sale for?
  8. Is Max Payne 3 from France region locked? No one else has mentioned it, but if I can only use one of my Bing rewards codes on it from France instead of my Hungarian account, that would be great!
  9. Really need to get the online achievements, GT: HanksDreamRun12. I'll be online today and tomorrow and next friday to get them!
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