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  1. Can anyone elaborate on the controls issues? Lots of people say they're ghastly, some arn't so bothered, any ideas?
  2. So the next entry in the MGS franchise was just unveiled. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5IVOs5Pxh8]Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes - English subtitles - YouTube[/ame] Impressive stuff, as you can see. The footage you saw was based off a PC build of the game. Platforms are TBC at this point. But...I mean there's no way they can skip the 360 on this can they? It's the next chapter of big boss's adventure. And seeing has we have Snake Eater and Peace Walker especially, they'd be crazy not to right? Then again the long, long rumored port of MGS4 never materialized. And we don't even have an xbla version of MGS1. Do you think 360 will miss out on this?
  3. So, like a lot of people, I've more or less kept this game at arms length. My gamerscore OCD just won't allow me near it One of my main reasons for this was seeing a figure around 900+ hours on the roadmap, for whatever reason, this now appears to be around 250+ Has something changed? Was there a glitch found? A more effective means of grinding? Something? Anything that makes this game easier than it was 3 years ago? EDIT: Damnit, sorry guys I don't know where I got the 900 figure from...I must be thinking of FFXI or something, anyway my original question still stands as 250 hours actually seems quite reasonable as I spent 100+ each on Lost Odyssey and FFXIII
  4. Just...buy it man. It's a buck. A buck that will get you from level 89 to 99 for more easily than the Hellish Kellolons will. You're also in with a shot at getting the Rose Quartz trinket. Which gives you 1 cast on all spells, even on double cast. Personally, I would have had no problem paying 400 ms points let alone 80.
  5. lol...what an amazing thread this became.
  6. Awesome, thanks. This was the type of post I was looking for. Feel way better about S-ranking it now.
  7. Thanks for responding. How does the item and monster collection compare to Treasure Trove?
  8. So I just got 1100/1100 on Lost Odyssey. And went through all the tribulations that came with it...Treasure Trove, Killalon, Backyard, and a grueling if rewarding 90 hours of play time. Blue Dragon is next up, and I'm wondering how it stacks up in terms of difficulty. The item collection could be a pain but it looks nothing near as difficult as TT. The maxing classes should be about the same as getting people in Lost Odyssey to 99. And the mini-games and QTEs should be a nice of change of pace? Am I missing something?
  9. So, if you're reading this thread in 2012 or beyond I'll just go and assume your at your wits end regarding this achievement. I know that's how I found my way here...I went through all the usual suspects. The Burning Cave, Meia Family Art House, The Crimson Forest, The Underwater sections, everything. I marked off everything no less, or so I thought. My final treasure was in Tosca Village of all places. It was the chest up the ladder to the north of the village. How in the name of God did I miss this you ask? Well, it's embarrassingly simple. While doing the Kelolon statue mini-game. I stumbled upon the chest. I took mental note of it, with the clock ticking, I decided I'd finish finding the statues first and get it later. That "later" came 89 hours later after tearing my hair out trying to figure out what I missed. The achievement isn't glitched. That's all I can tell you. Getting solid advice for this achievement is almost impossible, it will be totally anecdotal and loosely related to your own experiences. Don't. Give. Up. You missed maybe 1 or 2 items, that's all. It can be a seed at the bottom of the ocean or you can have a momentary lapse of judgement like me. But you will get it eventually.
  10. lol, I was thinking this. I'm actually struggling to think of any JRPG that takes less than 90 hours to 100%. He probably just means a straight 40 hour story run though.
  11. Dear. God. No. You don't need any DLC for the base game
  12. Thanks for responding. I decided to tackle it on the first playthrough, and I can say it hasn't affected my enjoyment. It's actually quite gratifying, to clear out every area meticulously. If any new players were in a similiar boat to me I can't stess printing out the Treasure Trove guide enough. Having a guide physically beside you with a pen is far far easier than dumping it in a word doc on your laptop or whatever. Feels far more natural than looking back and forth at two screens as well. I'm up to disk 4 so far, and it was surprisingly painless (experimental staff not withstanding) so I wouldn't reccomend saving this cheevo for a 2nd playthrough, it will literally take a solid 50 hours extra. Knock it out on the first if you can. edit: Protip - somewhere around disk 1 you'll get an accessory than teaches you Turn Tail. This guarantees you'll be able to flee. Teach this to Kaim and Seth asap. When item hunting, the last thing you want to deal with is nagging random battles. This will pay dividends in parts of disk 2, 3 and one very annoying part of disk 4 I'm led to believe.
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if any S rankers could give me some advice on Treasure Trove. I've just started the game and I've just met the council for the first time, and already, the prospect of ticking off every item upon entering a new area is seriously frustrating. It's by no means difficult but I can see this severely interfering with the flow of the game. I didn't buy the game for achievements (It's a JRPG ofc) and it's looking like I'll have to let my achievement lust fall by the wayside if I have any intention of getting immersed into the game. But I do intend to S-Rank it...eventually. So I have a few questions. Given that this is my first time ever touching the game, is Treasure Trove feasible? Did any of you go after it on your first playthrough and did it negatively affect your enjoyment of the game? Did any of you relagate it to a second playthrough, if so, how long did a pure Treasure Trove run take you? And finally I'm a little confused as to whether this achievement is truly "missable" It's my understanding there's an auction house where you can buy Treasures from places of no return? Is it possible I collect nothing up to Disk 4 then just go back through every location? I'm really just looking for the best of way tackling this.
  14. So I have categorically unlocked all 42 events yet I've no achievement, seeing as this is the hardest achievement in the whole stinking game this is worst possible thing that it could do. Has anyone encountered this? Is it glitch? I got it off GoD (as in digital copy) like I imagine alot of people have recently if that helps.
  15. I'm just after finishing a 2 hour session of deathmatch boosting realizing I didn't set my team to the dark agent team, meaning I lost every game. That won't affect the achievement will it? Seeing as it just says play and not win?
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