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  1. I dont want to jump in someones room for achievement, I just want tactics and different ways to make my world currupt / hallow faster
  2. if u hit lv30 in the game just fail the mission u will get both achievements as well, (im not sure about aborting the mission as i havent tried it)
  3. If u die in hardcore no worries no more. When u die hit the home button on your controller then go to manage game than delete your local save. It will reboot your game and sync to the cloud, from there when you check your character data you probably lost maybe 1 or 2 levels from when the game last synced to the cloud. (warning this is the only way possible, do not quit the game first or else it will sync to cloud) Good luck!
  4. all of my glitched achievements have popped today besides one in titanfall, maybe xboxlive is popping them for us. Happened to three of my friends around the same time playibg diferent games that werent glitched.
  5. just dont kill any of them at the end and just push the button the nuke killing them gives u the achievement
  6. quality has nothing to do with achievements not popping, they should play the game themselves before releasing this glitched crap to the customers
  7. Btw if u pay attention he actually has a pattern, he sways to left or right twice, then comes from the sky. Thats if u hit him everytime.(Sway u hit, sway u hit , top screen u hit, sway u hit, sway u hit, top screen u hit,....)
  8. u have to get all gold. Btw ive been stuck at 90 percent in the canal de las flores, its the last area i need for 100 percent achievement. This is my last achievement any help would be appreciated.
  9. just happen to me , put second control in to try something, turned it off. Played for about 3 hours in solo . Game crashes i lost 3 hours of data. I suggest not playing 2player if u dont want to lose progress
  10. If you do it solo the achievement should pop. Me n my 3 other friends all had to do it
  11. if u compare ur achievements with a friend and it says 100% locked thats means ur got the achievement. But since live servers went up and down yesterday, most of u probably got there achievements glitched like me. This has happened to me on a few games already(COD:Ghosts, TitanFall, Rise:Son of Rome, and Child of Light of course.All I had to do was wait for the achievements to pop on their own, some took a couple hours while others took a couple days.What i'm saying is eventually they will unlock on there own (mines all unlocked while my xbox was off minus one which a Cod achievement). give it time or start new save ur choice
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