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  1. do the song i posted. it unlocked everything
  2. you should find them in guitarcade. your path might make a difference. i play rythem guitar. song pour some sugar on me. have a ton to practice including harmonics. cordead game is awesome too.
  3. ok it seems if you have issues with cord reconition. heres what to do. set your pickup switch to bridge or neck. i was playing from the body. i switched it to my bridge and it worked. now i can really enjoy this. hope this helps others
  4. I cant seem to get them to register. i know how to play them. A5 B5 extra are very easy to do. i have to press super hard and strum wildly which is wrong. any one else with this issue? suggestions? pour some sugar on me for example. the cords flash as if i did them. but say missed on screen and register as a miss. i can play all 7 most common open cords and Bb on my amp but not in game. help and thanks
  5. Has anyone done this? if so what were your results? i am thinking of doing this but sceptical.
  6. yeah that heist game is a real pain. i cant figure out how to get past the 2nd one. the colours really throw me off too. they should just have the string on the fret ie A 12th fret for mini games. the cords are welle done though. thanks for tip using back button. will give it a go tonight
  7. got mine from ebgames. it was on my reciept. also it wasnt available at midnight launch
  8. I cant find my password to my account. is there a way to get it reset? also all the work i have done so far. will uplay give me credit for it? ie unlocking stuff
  9. Well finally played this lastnight. spent 10hrs not knowing it lmao. so i will start with the negative. than end with the positives. 1st issue is the DLC. when i played smoke/water and barracuda. they removed the rythem portion that was there in RS1. now i have to put in RS1 to play them in rythem guitar. next thing i cant get harmonics to work right. which is important for songs like barracuda. now i know how to play them on my amp. but cant get the game to reconise them past the 1st one. anouther thing i dont like is colouring the strings. i know how to play guitar. so they should just say E A D G B E not red yellow extra. that gets confusing when doing guitarcade games. song sellection every song should have rythem guitar but doesnt. this is the most important part of guitar. think of edge/seventeen barracuda smoke/water. well you quickly get the idea why its so important. now those are my gripes so now the good stuff. this is a thousand percent better than the 1st one. tuning is more acurate. games are better overall. you are actually playing real cords. TONS of things to help you play songs. the tools are very usful now too. overall its miles ahead of anything out there for consoles. glad to see the cord book back too. however i would have added i love rock n roll to set list too. fair warning though. this is a tool not a game. if you want a game grab GH BH RB. best thing about this software. it gets you use to using your own guitar. which is extreamly important to do. the veriety of mini games is great to help you with cords frets extra. i have not played all modes yet. but loving every minute of it - loverboy roflmao. bottomline if you want a fun way to practice songs and tech. than this is for you. 9.5/10. now we just need all songs to have both lead and rythem in them. had some proablems with it reconising bends in the tutorial section too.
  10. i finally got to play this lastnight. spent 10 hrs without knowing it. burnt out today lmao. anyways i almost broke several strings tuning. so i uped my guitar volume to 10 ie max. i havent had a proablem since
  11. since patches are coming. i got this with wwe. hope it plays smoothly
  12. well i finally caved in. bought this with wwe lol. i hope they really fixed alot of things. will post what i think soon
  13. glad i didnt buy this right away. software seems to have to many bugs right now. not buying this unless they patch it. let me know if this gets fixed. have the 1st one for now
  14. i dont have this game just the 1st one. i am a guitarist. do you have a tuner at home? if not buy one. i use boss TU-80 tuner & metronome. but if it was your guitat. it would be the strings. if the 1st game tuner works its the software. i have read freezing issues too. so i am staying away from this one unless it gets patched. hope i have helped
  15. so not interested in RS2. seems no one can do a decent learning tool for real guitar players. the game is out now but RS2 still lacks classic rock. best bands and music to learn from.
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