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  1. Just a few things I noticed while playing: For the epilogue, you can also watch it at the end of the Skill Tester campaign. Custom Tournament, make sure you don't pick Cans as your character! I did this and yes, you can't shoot or press any buttons! haha....
  2. Playing this because of the free weekend and noticed a few things so far. It's only a Flesh Would and Dead Silence, you don't have to be the one that gives the killing blow to unlock the achievement. I was a Firebug and both achievements popped for me while I was killing other stuff and my teammates did the work. Not sure if there was an update or what since you started this roadmap that changed it.
  3. On mobile, iPhone 8, safari. Everytime I go to view an achievement guide, a pop up comes up and redirects the one to some spam site. I hit back and a few seconds later the pop up comes up again and I get redirected. It’s the most annoying thing ever. I can’t use your site on mobile at all. Desktop is getting almost as annoying.
  4. Most recent ad experience. There are sometimes so many ads, that if I have the site open in another tab, my browser will freeze up for a few seconds while the ads reload after awhile or refresh to show something else or do whatever they do. https://imgur.com/DkSlNwG I can see a sliver of the site! Will try the ads-beta link.
  5. Most of the ads I get are annoying. I scroll down a page and on the bottom right corner is a huge box with a video playing of some ad. No way to close it. Very annoying and intrusive. The ads that are on the left and right side of the main page are annoying. If I want to regain focus on the browser window or the tab with this site in it, I must be careful not to click in the space on the sides or else I'll be clicking on some ad and taken away to another page. I like to keep the achievement guide pages up while I'm working on a game. Usually I have them up for weeks at a time as I'm making my way through a game. Randomly, some video or audio will play on an ad on the page and it's very annoying. I've started to just close the site down completely now and only come back to check off things as needed. I'm finding myself starting to use alternate sites because every time I think of this site now, the annoying ads are the first thing that pop into my head. Region - Sacramento, CA, USA Browser/Platform - Win10 - latest Firefox.
  6. What's the death penalty? I see in your normal description that you lose everything you've gained. Is that the same on each difficulty? Do you respawn at the beginning of that floor with what you had when you started that floor?
  7. Finally hit 200K GS! Many thanks to the great guides on this site and the authors that create them. Onward to 300K!
  8. Any missable achievements, or are chapters replayable?
  9. That's probably it. When I first got to the library, the first thing I did was go to every bookshelf and read all the books. Just a habit of mine from playing RPGs for so long
  10. Most 3rd mutations of plants seem to only happen when you find a recipe that includes the ingredient from a 3rd mutation plant. For example: You won't get the 3rd mutation of the fire plant, until you find the Fire Blast++ recipe that requires Fire Tongue Major. ** Names in my example above might not be the exact names of the items in game.
  11. I read all your other replies and responses to your questions but the part above is what I think is holding you up. I can't remember exactly where, but there is a book or something in the archive that specifically tells you what the Railwind is. You might know personally, but you need to find out in the game. My memory is really bad so I don't know where the area is. In fact, I guess I found it without really knowing, because I went to go back to talk to Lumia and my group members told her they found out what Ryl was. I can't guarantee it, but it's worth a shot.
  12. Open 50 chests - I just found this out and it might help someone that is struggling to find 50 chests for some reason. In Suvia, go into the Festival of magic area. Once inside, go to the right. Once you get to the edge of the platform, a bridge will form. Cross the bridge for a chest. It contains a random amount of Electro Lance+. Leave the Festival of Magic area and reenter and repeat. The chest will be closed and you can open it again for an unlimited amount of Electro Lance+s and each time you open it, it counts for achievement progress.
  13. Additional notes: Enemies in the over world map areas respawn automatically. If you go far enough away from where they spawn, which isn't too far away, another group will come back. Quick save vs manual save. I'm pretty sure the quick save saves over the same slot you do a manual save in.
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