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  1. I was hoping to buy it on xbox.com too, but they didn't even have a proper game icon for the game on xbox.com...Seems like we will have to wait.
  2. I am good for online too, and PC version also.
  3. I tried it with different weapon (Napalm Mission Launcher, Generade, etc) but cannot get it. Tried it in campaign, Swarm, Assault mode already...
  4. You are right, TA seems like a good place to set up a session~ (And I joined)
  5. I think it is a Prima security armor from the Prima Guide, they've mentioned it on Dead Space Facebook page.
  6. Thanks for the info and video, I started farming today and now only Bobble-head left
  7. The NTSC-J version of Borderlands is officially cancelled for Xbox360 (It will still be released for PS3) Here's the source: http://borderlandsgoty.jp/news/ You can still buy the original and then get the DLC from the marketplace. I think it is pretty much the same price if you get the second hand Borderlands. Also, I am not sure about the GOTY edition, but I can play the original US Borderlands on JPN Xbox360. One more thing, the so call NTSC-J Borderlands GOTY will only have the first three DLC.
  8. Just bought gold ed. recently Need help with multiplayer achievements, especially Master of the Apothecarion and Elite Strike Force Gamer Tag is Tachibana Kira. Thx
  9. Great!!! I can finally get my last achievement
  10. I was somehow disappointed when they said patch on March 18th but did not do so. Now it is already the end of March and still no patch...
  11. I played Siren first so I chose her.
  12. According to GFWL Forum moderator, they are still fixing some issue, but did not give us any time frame on when will the update release again...
  13. Sometimes it is not that simple, changing from -1 to 1 can cause bugs in other areas that also need to be recoded.
  14. Thanks for the guide, it really helps!
  15. Maybe you should try to start a new game and do the turns. (But remembert to backup you save)
  16. It should be there, I can see it in my xbox. It is just slow on updates.
  17. In the mission selection list, the last one should let you go back to the city and search for them again. (I am playing Japanese version so not sure if the order is the same for both version) The game will begin at the point after rookie picked up the helmet, but treated as if rookie just dropped down from the space.
  18. I like the pitt, for a few things: 1. Let me choose side 2. Give me a new melee weapon that seems fun~ 3. I can go back!
  19. If you still cannot find enough, there is a perk called "Quantum Chemist" (req: lvl22, sci 70) that can turn 10 nuka cola to 1 quantum.
  20. News from Nick: eer.. you mean 200 points right, Nick?
  21. Albert Wesker used to be GameStop pre-order exclusive in the US, but the details about the bonus disappearred after the release day become May 18. Now they only have two multiplayer map as their exclusive. http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDetails.aspx?product_id=75038 I wonders if Albert Wesker is still a GameStop pre-order exclusive...?
  22. The third is a special Mechat(メカット) Part For the itmes I haven't checked mine, but these six items will probably be in your inventory already. They are: 「気まぐれな心」,「怪盗の手口」,「デビーの蓄音機」,「ナッシングメガネ」,「シャッフルのカブト」,「春風のスカーフ」 For difficult, you can either beat the game and start second playthrough with harder difficulty (with everything you have when you beat the game) or just start a new game with hard or super mode.
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