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  1. Damn straight! Hell, every female I've ever faced in Halo has kicked my ass 7 ways to Sunday. lol. If you're good at a game, why should it matter what sex, race, or sexual orientation you are? Online communities always seem to have a problem with these 3 details.
  2. I'll be laughing til' the very end, trust me.

  3. The trifecta of OMGWTFBBQ-itude. It's so beautiful. I'm expecting mods to ream me any minute now.

  4. Oh, I was actually looking for a random .png image for you, but that is 200% better.

  5. Brilliant! I'll get right on that!

  6. Forgot one of my favorite arcade games of all time (You see kids, back in the 90's we had these things called Arcades. They were builds filled with these giant boxes with TVs and a single game installed inside of them. People would feed these machines quarters and it would allow them to play the game until they ran out of lives or time, where they would then have to feed in more quarters to continue or let somebody else have a turn.) Anyway, best arcade game ever made was Boong-Ga Boong-Ga. It was a japan-only game, but when I lived in Alaska, we had one of these devices imported over and I was able to get my fingers on it. I won't tell you what this game is about though. I'll leave it up to you to go to Youtube and research it for yourselves.
  7. Put in an MLP pony and your signature will be the trifecta of controversy. :p


    I was referring to Bill Nye/Ken Ham

  8. which part? The Kit-Kat Orgasm or the undisputed support of Bill Nye's stance? If I had anymore text space left, I'd probably add something else offensive just to round it all off.

  9. That sig is so not going to cause trouble.

  10. true, but it really bites when you're sitting at 2504 and you make your next post and all of a sudden it's down to 2041... When they wiped out the entire Xbox One board and started over, that was a huge blow for me and I was remaining primarily on topic and not bashing or hating on the Xbox at all. Merely discussing the possibilities.
  11. I'm pretty much the same way. Even if I have no intention of playing them right now, I might get bored and try again later, so at least now I'm 100% guaranteed to own them forever.
  12. That's a helluva lot better than what I've heard some guys say when they find female gamers online. One time I had a female friend of mine on the mic chatting while I was playing Halo 2 (they couldn't believe they were getting their asses kicked) and one of the comments was, I kid you not, "Girls shouldn't be playing with complex machinery. Come over to my place and I've got a joystick you can play with all night."
  13. That's okay for recent games, but when you're like me and have over 100 different games on your harddrive and randomly develop a whim to play one you haven't touched since 2008, it's usefulness unfortunately falls short.
  14. I was thinking a picture of what it would look like if he ran his scrotum through a black & White photoscanner. That's always a disturbing sight and the ultimate 20,000th post. Personally I'll just be content with 5,000. I'll put a WWII luger in my mouth and pull the trigger to celebrate (At the rate my posts get deleted on this site, I'll never reach that point. I remember hitting 2500 four times because of the chaos on the Xbox One boards last year.)
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