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  1. The cheats & commands still work fine as of 17.01.2020 incase anyone else reads.
  2. Hello, Sorry to ask and I couldn't find a answer this on other threads or the net but but I cannot get past the release date check for this game. It never connects to the server? all other GFWLive game i have work fine but cannot get this one past the check. Can anyone advise a way to do this and still earn the GFWLive achievements? I have uninstalled GFWLive and the game several times and changed the date to today 2012 and run compatability for vista sp 2 etc but nothing works? I am on windows 10 and have the retail GFWLive copy. Any help please.
  3. Achievements look good and I like a bit bowling, however it's not available outside of the US by the looks. Shame.
  4. 'Nothing to see here, just a barrel that killed your friend' Very Funny! I was on the fence about getting it to be honest as I prefer stealth games over pure action games but I see you can apply some minimal stealth play to the game which maybe enough and the whole game overall looks fun from your playthrough anyway. Thanks
  5. For Reaper Man load Chinese New Year in Hunter & Hunted and walk out and mark as many civilians as you can in the crowd. May take a couple of tries and make sure you have enough instinct. For Spook I did it in the Vixen Club. There is silenced pistol in the office with the evidence. Use the ledge outside and go through the window to get in. Then just pick random bouncers like in the Gents, the guy next to the door after the dancing booths etc. Just make sure you are not seen so choose wisely on the targets and wait until they are isolated. You need to make sure you have the gun out and approach from the back to the button prompt as it is not just silently shooting a target from afar. I think you only need 3 or 5 can't remember. Hope it helps
  6. I did not do Brutus with Stealth, Grabbed the Knife next to the Katana in Chinese New Year and went to Town on the Crowd. Just like with the Katana.
  7. Already lost all my progress, Just before the 'Saints' Had to start all over, but kept some unlockables! Weird
  8. For me, I think the first few levels were terrible. I was doing Recruit class on easy difficulty and having no skills hurts the stealth aspect a lot. After a few level ups and getting some skills and perks the game feels much more playable and fun. I got it as a rental. I would recommend as a rental but wouldn't be upset if I had bought it for a small amount. Definitely worth playing even with he old looking graphics and the bugs etc.
  9. I thought the Shop Quest Armor was stronger?. Only thing is you have to repair it.
  10. If its the two chests in the South East Corner of the Map, then that village has a big hole in the middle of it with 2 Pillars in the middle and Archways stacked on top of each other on 2 sides of the Hole. On the side closest to the chests is one the these archway sides. Along the middle line of archways 2nd row from the bottom is a tunnel or passage to these two chests. Hope thats the ones you need sorry if not.
  11. If you mean requests?, then there are 26 over the game total. And Request 21 is 'Hunt for Favorite Pen' with Tsunade is between the main gate and the training field.
  12. In any case just go though your letters and check for any one to reply too. Hope you got it though.
  13. Naruto vs Orochimaru, I just feel that fight was so well done overall. Just my opinion (and vote)
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