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  1. What time is 3AM GMT? I'm in the UK, I'll join if it's a reasonable time, not like 8am tho :-P
  2. Dawn of War II (PC), since there's been so many patches boosting and whatnot is close to eliminated, and the old methods no longer work - it could do with a good look over ^_^
  3. We'll get something sorted next week hopefully ^_^ I'm looking for both Campaign and multiplayer achievements, so if anyone has the determination to sit out a multiplayer campaign with me... ^_^
  4. Mmm, furmark seems somewhat flawed in that the score fluxuates depending on your settings. When I ran it 1920x1200 with 8xMSAA, I got around 1300. 1920x1200 No AA, 3,593 =-P I just tried 640x480, no AA, and got 16,014 =-P So yeah, if we're gonna benchmark we need to set a standard setting to use =-P
  5. Looking for someone to co-op through, please send me a message! I'm almost always on Xbox/GfWL so message me anytime, if I don't reply within 5 minutes assume I'm sleeping =-P
  6. Hey guys, sorry if this is completely the wrong place to post this, I thought it appropriate since it's still achievements (albeit PC, not Xbox) Just wondering if many people here have the PC version of the game and would be interested in some Achievement Trading? If we can get enough people (8) together for the beat 7 people achievement, I'm sure we can do the others with those people as well. Anybody who would be interested? If this is in the wrong forum mods please move it to the appropriate one - Games for Windows Live is a bit of a grey area =-P
  7. Looking to trade achievements online! =-) Message me if you're on at any time and up for it ^_^ Edit: Just finished the achievements, took around 4-ish hours. From what I can see, quickest method is sudden death, 5 mins per round 48 points to winner, 2 to other player, so you both end on 500 at the same time if alternating wins :-)
  8. Not quite sure how the online trading works, if someone wants to explain to me please do - just send me a message! Looking to trade le wins! :-D
  9. If anyone is willing to trade banners just invite me to the game, I'll set my banner up then invite you into mine =-) Thanks for anyone willing to help! Thanks to: TobenTM Sauding adz5000 Diesel69er Just got the achievement, must have seen 6 being built before! :-P Got world traveller simply by searching for a King game! :-) If anyone needs banners just message me I'll help when free - thanks again to everyone for helping!
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