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  1. With the physical copies of Quantum Break - is Alan Wake on the disc or is there a code in the box?
  2. Did this ever get fixed? It started right before I went out of town for the holiday and now that I'm back I'd love to be able to keep playing.
  3. Did you play Resident Evil 5 on the hardest difficulty with an AI partner? Trust me, that AI was WAAAAAAYYY worse than this one.
  4. My biggest complaint right now: I don't like that the Slayer gametype is included as a possibility in the team playlist. It's got it's own damned playlist, if I wanted to play straight Slayer, I'd pick that playlist FFS! I want to play objective modes damnit, stop giving me normal Slayer. /rant
  5. Simply put, because if you could you'd stop buying the REQs as soon as you got what you wanted. By making it completely random they increase the chance that some people will get frustrated grinding for points and simply buy them for real money. It's a business model that sadly works. It's worked for EA for awhile with Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age Inquisition and Garden Warfare off the top of my head. I mean, look at things like advanced supply drops in Advanced Warfare. YouTube is lousy with videos of people spending a frankly insane amount of money to open a ton of them at once. And you can bet there are plenty of non YouTubers who did the same thing.
  6. Yup, 54.8 GB. Only thing I've got bigger than it is the MCC at 62.7. Spartans are space hogs it seems.
  7. I usually don't use Instant On, but I knew they were getting ready to do the pre-loads for this game so I switched it last week. It says It's over 40GB so I guess I'm good.
  8. Nice! Thanks, I very rarely change my pic on X1 so wouldn't have noticed for awhile. Rockin' the Buck now.
  9. Glad to see the Legendary Solo achievement making a return. I had a lot of fun with that in Reach and 4. Some of the co-op trophies look like they'll be a bit of a pain, shame I won't be able to use 2 controllers this time.
  10. Just picked up my Master Chief controller today. It's absolutely gorgeous.
  11. Yeah, there's also no option for "I already bought it" Which I have. Digital Pre-Order so it should be downloaded early and ready to go at midnight release day.
  12. You get to? Can you choose NOT to build it and just completely bypass the "online" portion of the game?
  13. Anyone else find it kinda funny that the guy named Buck is the one using a shotgun? Anyone? Just me huh?
  14. I highly recommend Kontrol Freak's CleanFreak product. http://www.kontrolfreek.com/swag/cleanfreek.html/ Use it at least once a week, or any time you think the controller needs it. (I am not in any way affiliated with Kontrol Freak)
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