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  1. Who the hell is Grotos and since when is the god of war a she ?
  2. I can't believe u actually eat that shit YUCK !!
  3. Looking for a good boosting group to boost EXP and do the Anarchy Master achievement. GT : x iSkiRMisHx
  4. Haha, I can't believe u fell for that one
  5. Need 2 more people for Cartographer in the Deluge DLC. Hit me up - x iSkiRMisHx
  6. That's because the island is part of the main quest. Once you finished all of the main quests on the starting island you will be teleported to the mainland.
  7. God no. What is it with people today wanting to have MP in every single game.
  8. The RE edition is good, but according to my friends, the bonus level is nothing special.
  9. Yes, you can save and quit when you did a hart part, and when you die you dashboard. Good luck !
  10. Hey man, thanks for posting this, me and my friend were having trouble finding each other. How much does the Map Pack cost ?
  11. Looking for a good boosting partner to do all online achievements. I am on all day today ! GT : x iSkiRMishx
  12. Yes, the red elites carry Spartan lasers with them, not often though.
  13. Are you serious ? Two Worlds II is a HUGE improvement over the original and is nowhere near glitchy and buggy as the first one.
  14. Looking for a good boosting partner to do ALL online achievements tomorrow ! Must have a mic and speak good english ! I will be on ALL DAY!! GT : x iSkiRMishx
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