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  1. New Elite arrived on Saturday morning, quite unexpectedly early. Nice bit of kit, lots of snazzy features, grips are full wrap round the bottom, lets see if they hold up as you can't replace like series 1
  2. No level cap as far as I can see, I'm on 65, seen a 79. If you were to play without coop you'd need to get to 80 to get all the abilities, I got to 56 by end of game without coop. It's proper grindy TBH, too much for me I mean I only had 57k in coins by finish collecting every thing I saw and 4 weapons at master 10, you need around 128k for all weapon attachments. I tried joining other people for more skill points but most of the time they see you are high level and kick you (not that it makes a difference really damage to you is still the same). Needed 5 more for everything but the grind is way too much and bored. It was really crying out for NG+
  3. Loving it, got to the end game last night before I switched off. Levelling up is actually is fairly swift if you do the side missions clear out sectors, I still had loads of side missions left, I hardly went into west end, foggy bottom. Now I'm in the end game I'll do a bit more exploring, mind you it will probably be a bit harder now. I think time to kill is ok, if your weapon is 2 or 3 levels lower it makes a big difference to amount of damage done, always keep them in range. Shame the broke drone skills with a patch, needs sorting ASAP. And the last stronghold missions is one of the best missions I have ever played in game.
  4. Yes they are, bought a new one mid Sep and grips are peeling already, not the side ones but main part.
  5. Play and charge official one, lasts ages. Been on same battery for couple of years now.
  6. Hidden ones I'm really short on but I've been quite lucky on agility ones, cleared quite a few, not looking forward to the 102 in middle. is there anyway to change day/night as it's so much easier hunting at nightime.
  7. Crashing, lots of crashing XB1X, I've fallen through the floor loads in dead city because I got too far in front of Miller, sometimes to my death sometimes I'll magically spawn behind him. But worst thing of all, it's boring! I absolutely loved metro/last light but by time I got to Caspian I was bored, it was a chore to play to the end.
  8. Brilliant, it's the same premise but very different from the first one, DC looks great, NY was kinda dark, enclosed and grimy, this is grimy but quite light. Missions were ok on normal, but on hard it was another level took 2 of us about an hour trying to take down saint on the roof, those gold shielded bloody shock baton rushers were a right pain, possibly worse than the shotty rushers from the first, moment they put you into a stun lock, you are dead instantly. 2nd mission wasn't that bad. Eck I know it was Beta but sound issues were really bad, completely losing sound lots after the saturday morning patch was ridiculous, me and a mate had to keep on dropping out of the end game mission due to sound/feedback not being there, rejoining.
  9. Loads of messed up chevs, Missing about 5 of them shoddy in this day and age.
  10. Agree missions are very samey. First thing I did was try and get a helo delivery, to be honest I just normally air drop to a place with a bloodhound helo and take that, there is one just east of centre place.
  11. It's a glitchy buggy mess but I'm really enjoying it. I've not had achievements pop, falling through floor many times, I have to restart the game every hour or so, to kick start the feats counting. Challenges I've been really enjoying, figuring out how to get cars/bikes through the rings using tethers. The wingsuit ones are trial and error mostly it's about speed into the first one. The speed stunts are ok you can use a heli for most of them. Enjoying the front lines aspect never really had any issues with running out of squads, just by careful invasions making sure I earn squads rather than spend them.
  12. I was lvl 50 way before I completed the main game, I'm hoping for NG+. I sort of rushed through a lot of it due to RDR2 coming out, so will take my time with +.
  13. Good list, just a little note on ACUNA'S STAR ORCHID, if you picked 2 up before chapter 4, they will disappear out of game until exotic quest in chapter 4
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