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  1. thanks for this, just realized the 3rd achievement glitched and was wondering what was up with it
  2. Howdy Mil.


    Just letting you know your G&R for Ms. Splosion Man just went live on x360a! Awesome work!


    ~Live Long and Prosper~

  3. here: http://www.greenmangaming.com/s/ca/en/pc/games/action/mortal-kombat-arcade-kollection/ You get a key to redeem on steam, which uses GFWL and so you can earn points.
  4. Hey, sorry to make a new topic on just one achievement but I have been trying to get this one and after trying and trying the methods posted here, I did some research and it seems they have changed the previous ways of obtaining this achievement and now it is not available like that. The kill wolves/other world quests method does not work anymore. The trade for Delphi/Limestone quest has been changed and is not available in elite anymore. Using Heroic Aid and rushing does not work either as the quests have been changed/"buffed up". If anyone finds a new way of getting this achievement please let us know! Thank you
  5. At gamescom bioware announced there will be a new item pack coming out on the 23rd. And they also showed some pictures of possible new add-on areas. They did confirm they are working on a new DLC that will explore more of Hawke. They said they were very happy with the reception of legacy and that they will continue to use the same formula. It seems that this next DLC won't be the last either as they said that while delivering as many DLCs as Origin probably won't happen, they are interested in maybe doing an expansion ala Awakening. They also said to expect more cameos from Origin characters, although Shale won't be appearing Leliana will definitely be an important character. http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:King_Cousland/Possible_Mounts_in_Future_DLC,_and_More_Information http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:King_Cousland/Another_Round_of_Information!
  6. Yea i was dissapointed by the pricing from the start, they did say they were going for "microtransactions" kind of model, but there is nothing micro about this "macrotransactions" =(
  7. Did you do them with all characters? Including the 2 secret ones? Where did you do them? They don't count if you do them on Fatality Practice (don't even know if you can actually do them there though)
  8. you can also just check http://www.l4d.com , valve does a pretty good job at updating. But seeing how long it's taking them to test the campaigns i'd say late september/november for the xbox.
  9. That seems a bit too pricey for me, since they going with the Pay-To-Play model. There's not much juice in the game without the "premium" packs which I hoped were going to be more enhancements than full on DLC type of thing. As a fan of AOE and being in the alpha and beta I can say this is not my thing, if they were cheaper maybe but as of right now I'll wait and see
  10. I might try this, I have been playing this game off and on for the past 2 years and I still don't have 100 matches lol I'm kinda worried EA will close servers on this too, so i should get my last achiev soon!
  11. My source was this: http://www.xbox360achievements.org/news/news-9213-The-Baconing-Preview-%E2%80%93-Extra-Crispy.html "The Baconing will be launching on the Xbox Live Arcade on August 30th for 1200 Microsoft Points." 30,31 is all good
  12. its confirmed to be 1200 mp and august 30th as well for xbox
  13. I think it's definitely missable because in my second play-through I couldn't get the Bull-thing to appear in the bastion. I bought the bull doll and talked to everyone and it didn't pop up. And after the siege, they don't appear anymore. I'd say it's hard to miss even without a guide, but it is indeed possible to miss.
  14. I was using the dual pistols, and I have a turbo controller so it was hilarious firing so fast xD I liked using the shotgun more though! I don't remember if it was the machete or the hammer that gets Armor Penetration upgrade, so use either. Overall the game is really easy so you can do it with whatever you like the most. The spirit that lets you carry 5 waters was nice as well.
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