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  1. Given how this game was made; that's mostly an advantage.
  2. No way, you can still get the women... or maybe, not? Single-player destroys the multiplayer. If only it had the pace of Quake III. It heavily killed itself.
  3. Ataxia

    Dual Boxing?

    Around half of the online achievements can be done with two consoles. Quit-outs are the key to making the 5, 000 Matches less of an abomination.
  4. I don't agree; particularly for games revolving around "skill" (not this game).
  5. Dull; almost entirely. However, I do look forward to repeating Seriously... ... as long as it plays out similar to the first. I want to tear people apart from the beginning; when the game gets the ol' population burst at release time.
  6. I've been told by someone who has completed the online achievements that it takes between 15 - 40 hours depending on how and who you play with.
  7. Yeah, his pattern is nice and easy. You can beat him with basically any weapon.
  8. If you're at 18; it is faster to go back down to 30 & then to 20.
  9. Yes, go for Soldier of Misfortune straight away. If done efficiently; you won't be at 20 by the time you've got it. I was at 18 when I got the Soldier of Misfortune achievement. I went to 20 and then got to 30, but it is actually faster to go to 30 & then to 20. I say that it is the fastest way.
  10. A message like that has come up for years. The servers aren't gone for good... yet.
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